A Quilt Finish for Jonathan

I finally finished Jonathan’s quilt.  It really didn’t take that long considering I made two at the same time.  I looked and I first blogged about them May 29th.  I had started them a few days before then.


This one is “wonkier” than the original and personally, I like it better!  I was happy the magazine picked the more controlled one.  The idea for the quilt came from my friend Carla at Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  Carla is full of great ideas!  Yes, I did use the variegated thread.


Here’s what the back looks like.Jonathans-Quilt-3

I love the print.  It’s an old Moda fabric for the Oink a Doodle Moo line.  I don’t think it’s available anymore.  Being the fabric was directional and impossible to flawlessly seam together, I added the extra piece of fabric.


Here it is all laid out in full view…..Jonathans-Quilt-5

This one has more red in it so that’s what draws me to it even more after all…red is my favorite color.


As I’m finishing this one, I learned that Hubby has a great great nephew that is expecting soon so I’m going to have to come up with another baby quilt.  They aren’t finding out if they are having a boy or girl so I have a little time as I really can’t make a quilt until I know.

I hope I can think of something fun like this one was!


Of course…we needed a Ruby picture.


About Jonathan, he was born with a cleft palette and has been in the hospital for the first month of his life.  Any thoughts or prayers you can send his way for him and his family would be greatly appreciated.  As of now, he’s still working with a feeding tube.  Everyone is hoping that will soon come to an end.  I am hoping this arrives at his house just in time to meet him coming home from the hospital.


9 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish for Jonathan”

  1. I love this quilt! So bright and colourful and will surely brighten Jonathan’s world, and his parents. Hope all goes well for them.

  2. I don’t know that you need to know the baby’s gender to make a quilt; this wonky one would be great for either a boy or a girl. You can at least start kicking around ideas. I usually end up looking at ideas I started and then abandoned because I got bored. Gives me a head start for the gift. So far, I’ve avoided making quilts for baby gifts, with the exception of the little quilts I made when my brother and his wife adopted 4-year-old twins.

  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jonathan and his family. I like your quilt and I need to try and be more creative with my scraps. Thanks for sharing.

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