A Quilt Finish for Anders

I told you on Monday that my plan was going to be to finish my grandson Anders’ quilt.  I was up early and met the gal that was adopting my foster dog Mork at the vet.  She was picking him up.

I needed something to distract me from thinking about him when I got home and Anders’ quilt was the perfect thing.  The only problem, I started out awful.  I was having a tension issue and had to rip out my first stitches.

I ended up getting a phone call from Kalissa…then a video chat from Kayla and Jasper…then a call from Kelli.  While I was chatting with Kelli I made my binding pieces.  Izzy wanted to help.

Before long the binding was made.  The phone calls were over and… I was back in business.

This quilt is whimsy and will get washed often so I did a loopy motif with white thread.  It’s super easy and perfect for this kind of quilt.

Here it is all finished and hanging.  WHEW.  I am SO VERY HAPPY to have this finished.

I opted to put Anders’ name in the middle of his quilt.  His two older brothers all have similar quilts.  That way he’ll be able to tell his apart.

If I had to do it over, I think I would have staggered the letters in his name a little bit.  I think I would have varied the background whites a little more too.

On the outer border I purposely added some extra stuff around the “A” as that’s the first letter of his name….

…and the “F” as that’s the first letter of his last name.

I love the corner blocks I added.

When I made this, I limited myself to only using red, yellow, all shades of blue, and white prints.  When I made Carver’s I used green too.  I think it is helpful to limit the color selection when making a busy quilt like this.  I think it’s something simple a person can do to calm the quilt down just a little bit.

I ended up pulling an already cut-up men’s shirt and used that for the binding.  The back piece of the shirt was enough to do the binding.  It was a really large shirt so that helped.  I love the pronounced stripe on it.

I’m in love with the backing fabric.

It was a thrift store find.  The piece was really about a yard more than I needed and I almost put it back in the stack to wait for a bigger quilt so it could be utilized better but then I thought NOPE.  I love it and it’s perfect for this quilt.

The dogs approve of the quilt but more importantly…

Anders approves of the quilt.

Whew.  I’m so happy that is done.

I made a series of videos that shows how I made the quilt.  I have the final video done too.  You can see that one by pressing the play button and watching it here or you can follow THIS LINK, save it, and watch it later on your television or device.

If you want to watch the whole series of videos from start to finish, THIS is the link you want.  If you watch the video I so appreciate any likes or comments that you leave.  THANKS!!

It was so much fun to make this quilt.  I’m super excited to have a finish and even more excited to have the series of videos recording my journey and showing you how to make this fun, whimsy quilt!!

25 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish for Anders”

  1. That is such a cute quilt for Anders…… you have the video finished…… and the genealogist in me wants a record of all the quilts together….. Carver, Gannon and Anders and the boys as well…… in ten years they will giggle….. in 20 years they will smile and in 30 years they will be soooo happy. Hope it comes together…. Thanks for putting together the video.

  2. It’s a completely wonderful quilt! He looks so happy laying on it! Love Susie Q’s idea of all the Friedman boys and their quilts! Priceless!

  3. Yes, Susie Q has a perfect idea!!! Little Anders is the sweetest little guy. Hope his ears clear up real soon. He’s got the cutest smile through it all.

  4. I love the wonkey quilts where nothing matters and anything goes!! I enjoy your not so perfect video’s, it shows you’re not a “robot”. Thank you. I love the new look of your blog, I think more pleasing to the eye.
    I noticed about a week ago your thumb ring (not the same one?) is back.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I just love the alphabet and name quilts you make for your grands!!! Awesome and the tip to limit colors is perfect!

  6. Oh, what a special quilt for a special little one! Thank you for the videos on making the letters—I hope to piece words on a quilt someday.

  7. The more I look at this quilt the more I love it!!! Do you have a county or state fair near you some time???? I would suggest you enter this quilt and see if it gets a ribbon…… it would be hard to put in a book as it is so unique….. Well done all the way……

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