A Quilt Finish: Food Quilt

You might remember some time ago that Jean gave me a wonderful quilt kit.  I had first seen the quilt in Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations Facebook feed.  She often shows pictures of quilts she is working on.  At the time I had no idea whose quilt it was…only that I loved the idea.  How cute with all those food fabrics.

Later I volunteered to deliver some quilts Carla had machine quilted to Jean a blog reader, and now friend of mine, in Manchester Iowa while I was on my way to my daughter Kayla’s house. I drive right past so stopping was no chore.  I had no idea what quilts I was delivering…only that they were Jean’s quilts.

Well Kalissa was with me and she went in when we delivered the quilts.  Jean asked if we want to she the quilts…of course we did.

Jean showed us this…I had no idea the quilt I was delivering to Jean was the one I had admired on Carla’s Facebook page.

Kalissa saw it and said, “Oh mom, you have to make that for Vicki.”  Well at first I thought YES!  I do!….but then I realized I wouldn’t have time to collect the fabric.  I would love to make it for her though.  Then I thought next year.  Well the next thing I knew Jean was telling me that she a kit already started and I could have it.  She would gift it to me.  Oh my.

A couple days later…the package arrived and Jean did indeed sent me a kit.

I was so surprised and thankful.  What a lovely gift.

Well…After I got all the childcare kids’ quilt sewn I decided I better get this done.

Thankfully it was quick.  Here it is…..

Jean did such a great job at picking fabrics and organizing colors.  I’m so impressed with her work.

Can you believe that Jean even sent me the backing fabric?

Ruby approved of it….
The kids gave the quilt to Vicki…

To say that she loved it was an understatement.  The kids were showing her all the different foods.

Vicki said she was meeting her boss the next day for lunch and would be taking the quilt with to show it off.  She also said she’d be using on months when the quilt had a food she was presenting.  How cool is that?  It just so happened that today was a day that there was a quilt patch for our food.  It was potatoes so the kids hunted on the quilt until they found the potatoes.

She’s already putting the quilt to use!!

I’m thrilled, Vicki’s thrilled…the kids were pretty proud of it too!  Thanks for making the day of so many people Jean.  You are precious.

The pattern is perfect for showing off food fabrics and and would be for showing off any other novelty fabric.  I had someone ask about the pattern and it is a free pattern through Quilts for Kids.  You can find the pattern HERE.

Thanks Jean…your kindness will bless many.

8 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Food Quilt”

  1. I have wanted to make a food quilt in canning jars so I’ve been collecting fabrics for a long time. If you run across across a source for them, please let me know.

    The quilt is fabulous and I like that she’s put it to use already.

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