A Quilt Finish: Daylilies

Yahoo!!  It is finally finished.  Another quilt is finished from my challenge to make all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

Here is Daylilies.

I have to laugh now when I see it all done.  When I first got this book, I liked the quilt but was sure I’d likely never make it.  It had applique, in set seams…and I struggled with colors.

Fast forward.  I set a goal.  I wanted to, one time in my life, make EVERY quilt from a quilt book.  I had SO many made in String Fling.  I started thinking I could do it and this would be the book to do it with.  Then I realized I would have to finish Pineapple Crazy if I were to reach that goal…but at the time, I have 3/4 of the blocks done so that wasn’t a terrible obstacle.  But then there was Daylilies.  UGH.  Applique….In set seams.  No.  I thought that would make me pass.

Then I decided one block.  I could do one block.  If I hated it, I allowed myself to quit.  Colors was my next problem….


About that time I was in my batik stage.  So, batiks it would to be.

Well…I did one block.  I wasn’t neccessarily proud of the work I did but hey…it wasn’t terrible.  Read all about my first block here.  I could see that it would be do-able.  I could also see that I needed more practice.   Making more blocks would give me that practice.


I decided that one of my goals for 2018 was to do something a little more challenging.  Although you long applique quilters are laughing at me calling this challenging, it was to me.

I have yet to find a “LOVE” of applique but I can do it.  That was a wonderful discovery.

I do like this quilt done in batiks….Each of my flowers is a different combo of batiks.

I think it’s a fun look.

The alternate blocks are string pieced.  I add to my challenge and I sewed all of the strings on my treadle….This was a quilt of firsts….applique, treadle….

The binding was a batik that I had trouble previously finding a use for.  It changed in color from purple to bright blue.  When I was picking binding I was thrilled.  This piece was finally getting a home!!

For the backing I used a piece I had bought on line for a different project.  See?When I originally bought the fabric, the coloring made me think it was more red…nope.  It was more pink.  This was the perfect spot to use it too.

It wasn’t quite wide enough so some leftover pinwheel blocks helped me stretch the fabric to make a wider piece.

I am really happy that it’s all finished.

Earlier this summer we strung clothesline string between two of the posts on the front porch to hang a giant quilt we had.  I left the string there and have used it from time to time to photograph more quilts.  It works really well.  I’m so glad I had the idea.  I’m hoping I might be able to use it this winter.  I have no place to photograph quilts in the winter.

Of course, I needed a Ruby picture.  She’s not made her way into the blog lately.  She’s doing good.  So far all her previous health problems seem to be under control.

…and with that, I can happily say I only have TWO more quilt to finish in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and then I will have make them ALL.

39 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Daylilies”

  1. Jo your quilt is beautiful! Love the batik fabrics and all the colors! I too love the look of appliqué and have taken two classes; tried it several times and several different ways. It is just not for me so I have learned to just admire other quilters work!

  2. Penny J Holliday

    I love your daylilies quilt! Truly lovely especially with batiks & so worth all your challenges & efforts!

  3. The quilt is so nice. It feels GOOD to stick with something and get it done also. I have that problem too sometimes. SIGH. And Ruby……..always love to see Ruby. Wonderful job and inspiring.

  4. The quilt is gorgeous from start to finish you made it happen what a great inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs.

  5. Congratulations! That’s a lovely quilt! You can br really proud of that one. It’s beautiful and you have learned and practiced some new skills. That’s a big win!

  6. Omg what an Awesome Work of Art.theres nothing more that I could ad that was previously stated I only wish I had your talent.ive been taking small class table runners and easy to make quilted blocks

  7. Beautiful finish Jo!! Enjoy your idea of doing ALL the quilts in Bonnie’s book. Each one is a WOW and definitely something to learn or improve upon. Keep on stitching!!

  8. Love your quilt and the fact that you used a different color scheme for each block made it more beautiful! I hope you are keeping this one for yourself.

  9. Love the batiks – the flowers look perfect. Congratulations on another fabulous finish!
    Glad to see Ruby is doing well.

  10. Your Quilt is beautiful Jo! Now I want to make one as I LOVE BATIK Fabric’s. I am still making some of my blocks for Lisa Capen Quilt’s 12 Blocks Mystery Quilt and I’m doing them all in Batiks.

    I just found Kelli and your Blog right now and I love it! I’m so glad Google posted it. I will be a faithful follower for now on.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I would have never attempted it. I hate to applique. You did such a good job! Glad Ruby is doing well t

  12. SusanfromKentucky

    I love your quilt! The colors all look fabulous together and the binding and backing work great in finishing it all up. You should send a picture to Bonnie on IG.
    P.S. Glad Ruby’s doing well! She’s such a cutie!

  13. There are so many beautiful things about this quilt. The green you chose for stems, the combinations for the flowers, and the balance of the saturated jewel tone colors and the pale background. Love it, Jo!

  14. It’s beautiful, Jo! I love, love, love the batiks! I admire your fearless attitude. I’m too chicken to try applique, so I’ll just sit back and admire everyone else’s work.

  15. Jo, I think this is one of the most beautiful quilts you have ever done. Quite dramatic when viewed as a whole. You make me wonder if it is something that I may try one day. I am sure you will get the final two quilts done in the book in the not too distant future. Good luck. I love reading your blog. By the way, hope Carver is okay. I really have a soft spot for him.

  16. You did a really nice job on your quilt – it’s gorgeous! I noticed that the book is spiral bound. Did you have that done? Is it expensive? I would much prefer books that are spiral bound. Also, I’ve been collecting a few batiks here and there hoping to get enough eventually for a quilt. I always pre-wash fabrics, except pre-cuts, and even with cold water and color catchers, some of the darker purples and blues bleed into lighter fabrics. Because of this, I am nervous about using them in a quilt. Have you washed the quilt yet? What do you suggest?

  17. Absolutely beautiful quilt! Those batiks just make it sing. Your clothes line rope on the porch is the perfect spot to hang quilts for pictures.

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  19. Love, love, love this quilt using batiks. Love that you are making all the quilts in String Fling!
    You are my inspiration…Thanks.

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