A Quilt Finish: Brick House

I got my Brick House quilt done…at least that’s what I’m calling this quilt…

It uses “bricks” or 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles to make it.

If you’re been following along with the blog you know that this originated from a UFO that a blog reader sent.  I made about triple the amount of blocks than what was sent.

It’s an easy quilt to make…really good for a beginner.  I tried to take lots of picture so I could talk to you a little about color…

Notice in the picture below that anything goes when it comes to colors but also to be careful too.  Notice a green row towards the top?  All of those greens blend.  Greens are picky…if you go down a couple rows, there is a chartreuse color.  I wouldn’t mix the greens with chartreuse.  Go a couple more rows down…there is yellow…I wouldn’t mix the chartreuse with that either….

Of course, if you make one, it’s your quilt and you can do whatever you want.  I just get asked so often what I do for color so I thought I’d take the time to point a few things that I did out.

I sewed this in columns vs rows.  It was much easier to just sew a whole column of one color vs trying to keep the color order straight.

Also note: I didn’t mix the teal and blue.  Each has their own column.

Colors I did not include were brown, black and red.

I opted for my favorite quilting motif…I can do it easily now as it have become my go-to.

If you have a jelly roll, you could make this quilt.  I’d sort the jelly roll by color and then add some of your stash to it to give a little more variety.

I don’t know what it is about the quilt that makes me really like but I sure do…I don’t know if it’s the simplicity, the color work, the “I can’t believe that’s a scrap quilt”…I just don’t know.

Rosie seems to like it too….
She even snuggled right in.

You can see the backing and binding in the photo above.  The backing was a $3.95 a yard clearance fabric from Whittles.  I was happy to find a place to use it up.

There has been a lot of interest in this quilt.  I’m writing a blog that will be up tomorrow that will have a bit of a tutorial on how to make it along with a few more specifics.

This quilt will be donated for an upcoming benefit.  With life how it is nowadays, I don’t know for sure which one.  I was planning on donating it for my nephew’s benefit that was scheduled to happen in May.  Now I don’t know if or when that will happen…so for now, it’s on my shelf waiting for the world to be “normal” again.

I want to send a HUGE shout out to Roxanna.  Finishing this UFO has given me lots of joy just when I needed it.  Thanks so much for your kindness.

20 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Brick House”

  1. Its a great quilt and appreciate you sharing your thoughts on how to lay out the color and what you did and did not due. I hope to make on with all my scraps that have been piling up. I look forward to more info

  2. I love this, Jo! Such a happy quilt. It will make a great donation quilt. I’m putting it on my list for hospice. Thank you.

  3. LaNan Eldridge

    My quilt group has been exchanging 2.5” x 4.5” strips…this would be great to use them this way. It’s fabulous!!

  4. Jo ! I love this quilt, and I am so happy you are going to explain a little further….. I look forward to trying it out myself. What a great scrap quilt. Thanks and Congrats on the new grand baby

  5. Love this quilt and all of its bright colors. Am looking forward to hearing more about it. Rosie looks so cute and innocent.

  6. Jo, this quilt is awesome!! I love everything about it…. I definitely need to put this on my “quilts to make” list… scrappy quilts with simple shapes are my favorites…
    Thanks so much for sharing…I am looking forward to your post with more details!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Or explanation of color seperation is so right on. I liked how you explained it. A fairly easy lively, dancing quilt. It reminds of square dancing. All the pretty colors moving in unison. Thanks for the post. Stay well please.

  8. It’s a really lovely quilt; I think the colors and the way you organized them are what makes it so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial.

  9. Phyllis Singler

    Oh how I love this quilt. As soon as I get back home (we are in Lockdown in FLin our new winter home) to my fabric and machine this will be my first quilt!!! Thank you thank you!! Lesson learned: bring fabric down here, God willing

  10. Love this quilt! Love the colors as it’s so bright and cheery. Thanks for your thoughts on colors as that is something I struggle with at times.

  11. This is a great scrap quilt, Jo. Quilts don’t have to be a complicated design to be so effective. No wonder you are delighted with the result.

  12. I absolutely love this quilt!! Can’t wait to make it! Thank you also for all the info on masks. I am Canadian but am making masks for nurses in Detroit and south Western Ontario. I follow your blog every day. Congrats on your new grandchild. My son and his wife are expecting my first grandchild in Oct.

  13. I was really enjoying all the photos of this beautiful quilt and then you showed pics of your beagle. That’s when the beauty shifted from the quilt to your dog. LOL. What can I say, beagles have my heart. Tks for making my heart smile.

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