A Quilt Finish: Bitcoin

The minute that I saw Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Bitcoin, I knew I wanted to make it.  I actually laughed when it was released.  As it was released with another pattern at the same time and it was kind of like a “buy this pattern and get Bitcoin for 1/2 price” type of deal.  I was the odd duck.  I wanted Bitcoin and didn’t really care about the other pattern.

I loved the pattern so much that I, pretty much, started sewing on it right away.  I loved it that much.

I put in on the quilting frame right away and then the project stalled.  My shoulder started acting up and everything with the family got really busy.  My quilt just sat on the frame for over a month.

I recently got it off the frame and Rosie claimed the quilt for herself.

Just before Christmas I kicked her off it and finally got it bound.  Then I waited for a day when it wasn’t windy to take pictures but that didn’t happen so I finally took it outside and decided to do the best I could.

You can see I didn’t have the best luck snapping pictures.

Bitcoin is exactly the kind of quilt I love making and it fits in so well with my childcare life.  I can easily sew on a quilt like this in the morning before my childcare life begins and then do trimming over naptime in the afternoon.

It was a windy day.  You can click the arrow in the next picture to see how windy it was…

I really couldn’t get a good picture.  This is about as good as it got…

I used reproduction prints.  I had a big tote of them plus a tote from my daughter.  Any greens in the quilt are courtesy of her.

When I was sewing this quilt together I had a blog reader write to “correct me” to tell that I had made an error and didn’t keep the light/dark pattern going correctly.  I appreciated the suggestion but that’s not how this quilt is made.  Two pieces are picked from the strips that have been gathered and they are sewn together.  There really isn’t one designated as the light or dark.  Often times the two pieces are of similar value.

For the most part, I used very little light-colored fabric.  I did use some medium prints.   I’ve found when I collect strips that I often use the light prints.  I often use the dark prints. I rarely pick out the medium-toned fabric.  I put LOTS of medium-toned prints into this quilt.

I started out thinking I wouldn’t add the pinks and purples but in the end, I added them.  One of my favorite parts of the quilt is when the dark colors align making it almost look like a double-wide segment.

I know I’ll get some questions on the quilting.  You can’t see it.  I used a thread called rum on the top and a reddish on the back.  Rum is a gold color.  I used my hook and feather motif.  You can watch a video on that below.

Once I laid the quilt out on the lawn, the light changed and the color wasn’t quite right.
Of course, I didn’t realize the light was wrong until I got in the house and it was dark.  It happens…

The backing was sent by a blog reader.  I initially put it in the charity quilt pile but then as I was sewing this, I thought it would make the perfect backing.  I ended up taking it out of the pile and putting one of my backing fabrics in the charity quilt pile.

I needed to add more to it to make it big enough.  Being I was in a kick to use up fabrics for my strip baskets I simply sewed strips together and added them.

I had on row extra of little strips sewn together so rather than put them in an orphan block basket, I put them in the backing too.

I had a printed brown and used it for the binding.  I thought about making a scrappy binding but ended up with the brown.

I couldn’t leave you without a Rosie picture…Look at her sitting like a good girl.

This was a fun quilt to make.  If you hate matching seams, this one isn’t for you….there A LOT of seam matching but for me, totally worth it!

This quilt will be going on my bed as soon as my current quilt goes off.  I have my red and white Hunter’s Star quilt on my bed right now and will leave that on through Valentine’s Day.

You can find the quilt pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s blog.

44 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Bitcoin”

  1. I love it, it looks great even flying in the breeze. I started a bitcoin in everything but the kitchen sink scrap stew fashion, probably won’t be as big as yours. It is slow going, I may need to set myself some goals to push it along.

  2. Good morning, Jo! Your bitcoin quilt is a total beauty. I love how the colors blend and move whether it’s windy or not! Thinking about you and sending quilts hugs!

  3. I echo Brenda comments! I bought this pattern because I love this pattern too! I haven’t started it yet but I hope to soon! Rosie is so cute!

  4. Oh Jo, I love everything about this quilt! I have been planning to make it, but hadn’t given a thought to matching all those seams! I’ll probably still make it, but in the meantime, will admire yours! I have been thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

  5. I really like this quilt and it’s a great way to use up scraps. Another thing I like is you can either use the sizes stated in the quilt pattern or use larger ones! Praying for you.
    Love and prayers.

  6. That is the coolest most awesomest quilt I’ve seen in my life and I’m jelly it’s going on your bed! Lucky Rosey, too! Thanks for sharing!❤ The wind did a great job showing it off! Lol

  7. Another great quilt finish!! So many colors, love it! I am glad you mentioned something about matching seams so I don’t tackle this. I don’t mind matching seams, but to this extent, I might never finish it.

  8. Jo, I LOVE the way this quilt came out, especially in the reproduction fabrics. I am going to add this to my list of must-do quilts. I think I already bought the pattern a few months ago and have lots of retro’s to use up. I am thinking about you today in the hospital and praying that your treatment goes very well. Will be anxiously waiting to hear how it all went.

  9. That came out so perfect!!! I have not started it yet————–but am going to now!!! Thanks for sharing yours with us-wind or not. Stay well…prayers & hugs to you.

  10. I am working on bit coin as well ..Glad you got yours finished . Great pictures
    I sit and sew for awhile on it .then I work on something more intense


  11. Had to laugh “you did your quilt wrong”. It’s terrific and I’m glad you’ll be keeping and enjoying it.

    Well, you’re 24 hours radioactive today. I hope you’re feeling OK and getting lots of Soduko done. Hugs.

  12. Good Morning Jo,

    LOVE your bitcoin, that is my kind of quilt. I can’t believe you put the top together in a reasonably short amount of time. I sometimes find it difficult to use medium fabrics, I love the look they give.
    Sending prayers.

  13. From someone who has been attacked by a pit bull and has been deathly afraid of dogs ever since…I don’t believe Rosie would scare me one bit! That is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. Such a sweet face.

  14. My husband has been sitting next to me for nearly two years. (Quarantine) You can imagine how many hundreds of quilts he’s seen. This one he saw and said WOW! That’s a big wow coming from him.

  15. I do like the scrappiness’ of this quilt, and I like how you finished the backing. Bonnie makes some of the best patterns for scrappy quilters.

  16. I love this quilt. I have the pattern and plan to get to it when I get back home, whenever that is. Just love all the color variations found in your quilt. It’s a beauty. Great job!

  17. Thinking of you and hoping that your hospital stay goes by quickly for you. Love the bitcoin quilt…It’s on my to do list.

  18. Wow! Love this quilt, Jo! I like the mixture of all the different colors and lights, darks and in betweens. And Rosie is always a bonus… she is just so picturesque with your quilts.
    Hope all is going well during your hospital stay and you are managing to keep busy. Prayers continue!

  19. Rosie has come along way! She needed your patience and kindness.
    I love the quilt! I really like the variation in the colors.
    I am praising God for your ability to have the radio active iodine, and continuing to prayer for your health to be restored..

  20. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    I absolutely love your Bitcoin quilt. I think the windy day was a perfect day for photos…..lots of movement! All the best to you! Hugs and prayers!

  21. I really like your quilt. And, the backing is perfect in my view. I love to see how others piece their backing.
    Praying for you as you get your treatments. You are amazing!

  22. Love your new quilt. So glad your treatments are going well. Praying for your healing. I love your blog and your beautiful family.

  23. Judith Fairchild

    What a great way to use a lot of your left over strips. The quilt is fun! It reminds me of the stacks of coins I used to have to count as Sunday school treasurer.
    Praying that all goes well during your iodine treatment.. looking forward to seeing you at home again.

  24. I loved making this quilt! It was a great way to use strips and odd fabrics, long strips and short strips. I did it in chunks of time and did different task for each step so it wasn’t boring and it wasn’t hard to stop for a couple of days if I had other interruptions – easy to pick up again.

  25. Beautiful quilt, Jo! I’ve enjoyed catching up on the blog today. I always enjoy reading what you’re up to, gotten accomplished, and want yet to achieve. You inspire me to be more intentional in my artisnal life. Thank you for that, I find it very important so I stay focused and grateful for the talents God has blessed me with.

  26. Rosie is so cute! She looks like she’s still a puppy. Your Bitcoin quilt is stunning. It shimmers as it moves in the breeze. I hope you’re feeling well and aren’t too bored while you’re isolated in the hospital for your treatment. Sending most positive thoughts to you!

  27. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Rosie is so cute, a precious puppy. This quilt is wonderful; I can’t imagine sewing all those seams together.
    Thinking about you not having anything to work on. I hope the time goes quickly. Sending prayers.

  28. OMG…people who appoint themselves the “quilt police” or “stitching police” need to get a life! Whatever happened to self expression or working outside the box? It’s called creativity! Your bitcoin quilt is beautiful…so rich in color! Makes me want to stash dive n try one…even if it’s just a mini one!

  29. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love all of those type of Civil War repros – bright and colorful. And the backing is perfect too. Rosie is adorable in that first photo with the quilt wrapped around her.

  30. I absolutely love your Bitcoin quilt – its perfection. Very color saturated & one of the highlights of this quilt.
    Thank you for sharing as I now know what my next quilt start will be as I’ve got pre cuts made from 47+ years of scraps cut up. Rosie looks like a little lady there, and the love in her eyes as she looks at you tugs at the heart. Thank you for all you share with us & hope you are feeling well today.

  31. I am quilting my bitcoin this month and one of my blog commenters mentioned your version so I popped over to see it. It is simply spectacular… I adore it! I can’t stop looking at the photos…It makes me want to start another immediately!

    1. Hi Kathy…thanks for mentioning your blog. I’d not been to see you before. I love it!! It is a fun quilt to make..minus matching all those seams. HA!!

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