A Quilt FINISH: Bargello in Plaid

Yahoo!  My dirty dozen quilt challenge #5 quilt is FINISHED.  This is Bargello in Plaid from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails Book One.

The quit is made with recycled 100% cotton mens shirts.  I have the thrift store in my area that used to have bag sales for $3 a bag and I could stuff all the shirts I wanted into it.  I always went  on bag sale days and always got shirts.  I’m made many shirt quilts.

I finished the top in about a week.  I was pushing hard, as this was the July quilt, and I am really into this UFO challenge right now and with me, if the fire is hot, I go with it.  So, while that fire was hot, I put this on the frame on Sunday and quilted it.

..and as soon as it was off the frame, I bound it.

I am so glad I did as not it is FINISHED!!  YAHOO!!

The quilt is made of panels rather than blocks so that makes the construction fun….it’s something different.

I used… a chambray fabric for the outer border.  In the end the quilt cost me VERY little to make.  The shirts were cheap and even at that I only used a front side of the shirt most of the time.  The chambray fabric was a thrift store find for 50 cents…it was enough for the border and the binding.

The backing was a duvet cover from the thrift store….I think it was $2.  It’s a woven cotton fabric.  So in the end, the batting was about the most expensive part of the quilt.

A quilter friend of mine said, “Oh, I have to dig in and make one.”  I would suggest this instead.  Every time you are deboning shirts for a different shirt project, cut a few strips for this project.  Cut two quilts out at once.

Here is the quilting I ended up doing on this.  It’s a hook with bumps that kind of looks like a flower.  I didn’t want the whole quilt looking too masculine so balanced it out with these.  The top thread was blue and the back a beige.

While this one was on the frame I took some video of me quilting this motif.  Kalissa is helping me put it together so you can see how I do this.  I just want to warn you…I am no expert.  I get so many questions though and thought the video might be the best way to show you.  Watch for that coming soon.  Hopefully tomorrow morning.

The pattern comes from this book…

You can find it HERE.

This has been one of my favorite quilt books.  Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”  I can say that I have made wonderful use of this quilt book.  We’ve  made three of Perkiomen Daydreams quilts.  That’s the quilt in the photo below.  It has 10,000 pieces!!

I’ve also made Cactus Patch…

CaactusPatch-1It’s a favorite quilt of mine.

Hand Me Downs

HandMeDowns-2I love this one too.

…and Bargello in Plaid This is the first one I made.

I gifted this one and regretted it so made this new version.

Kelli has Virginia Bound almost finished and I have one started.  Mine is #1 on my list of the Dirty Dozen quilts.

This is a quilt book that was definitely worth the money.

Even though I’ve already made this quilt twice, the next time I cut up shirts, I am going to start cutting out another.  It’s a quick quilt and I think it would make a nice gift…or guy quilt…I do really like the break to sew panels vs blocks too.

No Rosie picture this time….She was contentedly sleeping and once that happens, I really try to keep her sleeping.  Although she’s almost a year old, there is still a lot of puppy in her…and you know what they say, let sleeping dogs lie.

P.S.  If you are looking for information on how I did the free motion quilting on the Bargello in Plaid quilt.  I did a whole blog post about that.  Find it HERE.

20 thoughts on “A Quilt FINISH: Bargello in Plaid”

  1. Joy Van den top

    Beautiful! Beautiful! I accomplished something great this week! I had four quilts to bind…..I send them to the spa…. one is a king size. All finished! Woohoo

  2. I laughed when you said “let sleeping dogs lie”. So true! Our neighbor is watching his son’s German Shorthair puppy…he’s outside walking that dog, trying to tire him out! The quilt is beautiful. I especially like your quilting. Did you do that free hand or is that a pantograph?

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    What a quilt show on your blog today. This book has some really inspirational quilts and you have managed to create them so wonderfully. Makes me want to quilt all day!!

  4. Another wonderful quilt! I’ve been eyeing my deboned shirts and need to get in there to see what strips I have. I have them in two separate areas so I may have what I need to get going on something. Actually doing this will be helpful as we’re going to replace our deck in a couple of weeks and will be without air conditioning for a few days. I can call this helping to make room for a sleeping area in the basement since it will be too warm to sleep at ground level. Win win! :D

  5. Beautiful quilt! You made me want to make it too. I love the red and blue borders and the shirt colors you chose. I have made 3 Scrappy Mountain Majesty’s out of shirts and gave 3 of them away. One is on spare room bed. Shirts make such a nice soft quilt. I guess I need to go to Goodwill and shop.

  6. Your Bargello in Plaid is awesome! I actually spotted fabrics of three shirts that are in my stash as well. This and Bargain Basement are on my to do list as I’m a novice and both are relatively simple. Perkiomen Daydreams is one I’ll leave for the more experienced quilters. :)

  7. What a fabulous quilt finish. I love the colours you chose. The border and binding fabric is perfect for this quilt. And what a bonus that all the fabric was Thrift store bought.

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