A Quilt Finish

I have a quilt finish.  I’m happy this one is done and in the books.  Initially I was excited about this.  It was suppose to be a wedding present…with my foot surgery I lost steam.  This all started when I saw a great quilt that Mary at Country Threads made.

Photo courtesy of Country Threads.  Here’s the link that tells how to make the quilt.

Well I wanted to make the quilt bigger of course…..you know me.  I can never settle with a small quilt.  So…here it is. I apologize for my photos.  I’d been waiting for a brighter day but one hasn’t happened yet.   I’m tired of waiting so…these are the best photos I can do.

The quilt is big too so there isn’t a place to take them nicely either….gotta love Iowa winter.


Mary had originally straight line quilted her’s but I chickened out.  I felt the straight sharp lines needed to be softened.  What do you think?

I don’t think it was a wrong move…the straight line wouldn’t have been wrong either.  Sometimes there isn’t a wrong choice…just two choices.


I’m glad to have this one finished.  Now I need to send it out.


It’s a late wedding present.  I couldn’t finish it with my foot.  Then I didn’t have a back and then…and then…and then.  You know how it goes….


This quilt was awesome for me.  It helped me clean out my solids.  I used all sorts of shades and colors.  Nothing had to really match.  I also cleaned out lots from my bright 2 1/2″ bucket.  The quilt was definitely a great stash buster.

Today I’m hooking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

15 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish”

  1. Great Quilt ~ love all the bright solids & the quilting design! I think whomever receives as a wedding present will say that this quilt was worth the wait!

  2. Jo the quilt is yummy. Looks like many flavors of sherbet. Congratulations on a completed job. You choice for quilting pattern did soften it.

  3. Jo, a couple of years ago, I pushed to finish a bunch of wedding quilts that had languished for years. One couple got theirs at their 25th anniversary party! My sister and I started them together and then moved away from each other, not too far, but too far to work on the quilts. A couple of months is nothing!

  4. I love it! I’ve done two smaller ones for donation. I just love this pattern! My next one will be red, white and blue for Quilts of Valor. I saw a version where they used one big piece of fabric alternating with the pieced block and I think that will go even faster

  5. It would be a quick and easy graduation present as well. My 2 1/2 strips are overflowing! Putting this one on the possible solution to that problem list. So happy clue 5 was out last night! I stayed up until 12:30 and just have to press and trim dog ears. :)

  6. Jo, it is a beauty and it will be loved for years and years to come! I think your choice of quilting design is perfect!

  7. Love the bright quilt! It’s beautiful. And you are so right about the quilting. There are many choices, none of them “wrong”. Just as there are many colors and kinds of fabric, there can be different styles and kinds of quilting.

  8. I love how it turned out and I think your idea to not straight line quilt it gives it more texture. I have some of my blocks made, love following Country Threads blog. It will make a wonderful gift and they will love it being from you.

  9. Jo, this is a beautiful quilt!! I love the fabrics, the colors, the quilting…everything about it is just awesome!! I definitely think the quilting choice was perfect to soften all the straight lines…and I continue to be amazed at the beautiful quilts made using such simple shapes!! I don’t think it will matter at all that this is a late wedding gift….it will be enjoyed for many years to come!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Love the swirly quilting. Straight line would have been nice, too, but I especially like the swirls.
    Is that your fence in the first pic? With no snow on the ground for Rudolph to pull the sleigh across? tsk-tsk

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