A Quilt Along??

I really hadn’t done many quilt alongs in the past but I did have a great time over the summer participating in Lori Holt’s Red Sampler Quilt Along.  I ended up with a great quilt after everything was finished too.

It did drag on a bit and I was really ready for it to be done by the time it was all finished.

I’m currently doing the American Quilters project.  This one is really dragging along for me.  With only making one block a month, it’s a little slow…but, I am so excited for the finished project that it’s making the slow pace worth it.

I’ve learned to do it a bit more my way and making three blocks every three weeks.  It seems a little less slow that way.

Now I heard about an upcoming quilt along that has me so tempted to jump in.  Do you remember… when I reviewed the book Oh Scrap!  It’s a book by quiltmaster Lissa Alexander.  I loved the book the day I got it and I’ve loved it ever since.  It was a book I told myself “I could make every quilt in this book”.

But have I??


I made one quilt from the book.  It was a baby quilt.  I loved it and thought I’d even make another baby quilt with the same pattern, but have I?  No.

So…what better reason than to join this quilt along?  I could live up to my original thought and make LOTS of quilts from this book.

The only problem, the quilt along isn’t for my very favorite quilt in the book.  This one.

Yes, it’s a good quilt but seriously…  If I could pick, I wouldn’t pick this quilt from the book.  I’d pick this one…

or this one…

or this one…

or this one…

or the cover quilt.

I told you this book had lots of great quilts.

Well then when I looked up more about the quilt along, I saw the quilt along quilt done in different colors and the design changed a bit as darker colors were included.  (Picture from ModaLissa’s blog)

Aren’t the colors in this awesome???  You can read all about the fabrics she used and the details of how many fat quarters are needed on her blog HERE.

I love the quilt all scrappy like this.  I like darker colors put in where the original, was light-colored fabric.  Hmm.  This is so tempting.  I’m not feeling like a Christmas quilt but I think I’d love to make it in a different color scheme.  Hmm.

The schedule looks like it wouldn’t be long and drawn out…

– Wednesday, October 6th-  Yardages and cutting
-Wednesday, October 13th- 4 patches
-Wednesday, October 20th- 9 patches
-Wednesday, October 27th – Center Blocks
-Wednesday, Nov. 3rd – Sidebars
-Wednesday, Nov. 10th – Assemble Blocks
Break for Thanksgiving
-Wednesday, Dec. 1st – Sashing
-Wednesday, Dec. 8th – Assemble Quilt top

AH…I just don’t know.  Do I start another project?  Do I stay focused on my UFOs and what I already have going on?

Are any of you doing this?  Are any of you tempted like I am?  I should probably get going if I’m going to do this after all the start date is here.

That’s what is tempting me…
You can find the book HERE.  It really is a great book.  Pictures of all of the other quilts in the book can be seen by following the link.  Hmm.

37 thoughts on “A Quilt Along??”

  1. I’M IN!!!! I had not heard about this quiltalong but I have already started this quilt – have only 4 blocks done. And those four blocks joined my Dirty Dozen for this year – win win for me!!! I, too, love every single quilt in this book and have many plans – haha!!!

  2. I’m doing seven BOM at least-at last count! Seems like I start a new BOM or QA every week. I’m excited about Pat Sloan’s Fall Frolic coming up later this month. She does a weekly block so it goes faster. We just finished Summer Soirée. It’s free and I can use my stash. Erica Arnt also has one going with simple familiar blocks that is intended to be a scrap buster. That I could use! HA!

  3. There are no pictures attached to your post. It seems you are referring to various pictures of quilts but there is nothing showing.

  4. Staying away from QAL’s currently, trying to finish up all the UFO’s I already have. Very tempting, but I’m going to stay strong!

  5. I think it would be fun to do a QAL but I haven’t done one. I have done some BOM ones in the past (Thimbleberries if that tells you how long ago!). I am thinking I need to finish up some kits that I have had for many years before I start anything else. Of course, there are always special items I need to make for somebody – like baby quilts, etc. I really like your red and white quilt – beautiful!

  6. Photos did not post for me at first but once I hit refresh they were there. At least that worked for me. Great book! I will have to think on this one.

  7. Photos did not load for me either but loaded once I hit refresh on my phone browser. Worked for me. Great book! I will have to think quickly on this QAL.

  8. No pictures for me either. no qal as of now. Too much Christmas preparation to do that to myself. Although I do think they are fun. I have done several but never completed the quilts….only made the blocks. Love your blog! take care!

  9. Not to be snarky but this rendition of a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt is not my favorite out of all the great quilts in the book either. I’m making progress on my UFOs and have several WIPs going so think I’ll pass in this quilt along. Just my opinion.

  10. I like all the quilts in the book except the cover one, not so much. I really like the one on the table with oranges and black. I have too much to get done before Christmas to start another thing.

  11. Carolyn Babcock

    Where can I find the patterns or information for the American Quilters project that has the flags? Would love to do it but unable to find anything regarding it. Hope you can help!

    1. It’s a free sewalong from Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings. A new block pattern is available each week on Lisa’s blog and she does a video lesson on her YouTube channel each week too.

  12. Carolyn Babcock

    I’ve been looking for the pattern or information on the American Quilting project using the flags that you have posted. Unable to find it. Can you tell me where to find the pattern? Would love to make it! Hope you or your readers can help. Thanks.

    1. The block links are posted on Lisa Bongean’s blog. There is a new block posted every week. They are on week 18 now. Susan

  13. I’m saying no to this quilt along. I have a smaller Burgoyne Surrounded (6 blocks) ready to hand quilt and haven’t started that step yet. BUT I am seriously considering jumping in on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery this year. I’ve done two others in the past and love both quilts.

  14. I think you should do what makes you happy. If making this quilt makes you happy then yes! You can squeeze UFO’s in between steps for this quilt.

  15. I’d prefer to see you do the UFO Hawaiian Sunset. It would be far more interesting than a quilt a million other people are doing. But then that’s just me. You do you. I’d do the Hawaiian Sunset myself but I don’t know where my magazine is. Maybe today would be a good day to hunt it down. Whatever you decide on I know it will be fun to watch. Happy Fall, Y’all. Susan

  16. It looks so much like Burgoyne surround which is free online.

    Do what makes your heart sing. If you like this quilt and will make it, why not play along? It is spread over the next 7 weeks and you’ll sew much more than that b4 Thanksgiving.

  17. I have this book and made the “surrounded ”
    quilt. It is amazing and I loved making it! Pattern was very well written. Always thought it was similar to “Road to California”. Would make any quilt in this book…

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