A Puppy Tale

Last week I got contacted from a gal that volunteers with the Humane Society.  She knew of a husky/lab mix pup and was wondering if I was up for fostering.  My schedule is still a little crazy but I thought I could squeeze it in.  The problem…the vet is 45 minute away and the pup couldn’t get into the office until two days later.  After some working around we figured out the Kelli, who lives close to the vet, could keep her over night and then get her to the vet later.  That was the plan.

So the little gal on the left was suppose to come to my house…eventually.


The volunteer dropped the pup off at Kelli’s and she did everything I always do…got it fitted with a collar and started seeing what the pup was like.  The puppy reacted badly to the collar and then finally settled and laid by the door.  The lease got hooked and Kelli took it out thinking it had to go to the bathroom.

Just like that it bolted almost taking Kelli for a fall, tugged out of it’s collar and was gone.  Kelli was frantic.  Her husband was angry.  They started looking and hunting in the rain at 8:30 at night.  The neighbors came and helped.  Kelli contacted other neighbors to let them know the pup was loose too.  After an hour and half the had almost caught it a couple times but now was gone.

Kelli called me all upset and close to tears thinking the people at the Humane Society would be mad.  I knew better and tried to calm her.  I made contacts with everyone and let them know what happened.  No one was upset…concerned for the puppy’s welfare but not upset.

The next morning Kelli put food out and looked but no puppy.  She did the things she had too and then while she was away in the afternoon the neighbor called.  The puppy was spotted.  Kelli headed home and while she was traveling there she got a phone call that the puppy was caught!!

We decided that we weren’t best to foster this pup and someone else who has fenced areas volunteered to take  her and work with her.

I’m sure she’s a fine pup and all will end well…she’ll just need a little time and extra human contact.  I debated about telling this story but thought I should as all of the fostering and dog stories don’t go completely smoothly.

Some dogs simply need a little more time.  I am so happy that the Humane Society has lots of people willing to step up and help.  I am hoping in a couple weeks I can tell you all about her happy ending.

7 thoughts on “A Puppy Tale”

  1. I am glad that you DID decide to go ahead and tell this story. If others have a less – than – stellar experience, it will help them to feel that they did not fail a dog. There are other options. :D

  2. And I said things couldn’t get worse after Buster. Now I’ve managed to wreck puppy fostering for Kelli and me (due to angering both of our hubbies). Think I’ve pressed my luck far enough. Going to get back to finding homes for my pony mares and babies. Anyone need a cute lawn mower?

  3. So nice that you tried. You are right though…a fence in yard is best with puppies. I could not raise puppies, lots and lots of work. Someday I would like to have an older dog when I retire. So glad you had a happy ending in finding the pup. ; )

  4. What a relief the puppy was found. Poor Kelli! Some dogs just need that extra bit…it is so wonderful there was someone else who could add that extra layer of care with a fenced yard. It is important to tell the good and the bad. I have taken dogs with issues and sometimes you are just not the right fit…someone else just might be…always worth a try.

  5. Thanks for sharing this story. It must have been very stressful for all involved. I think that fostering dogs is very generous of you and your daughter, and that I feel you would not intentionally do anything to hurt these lovely creatures. Our own dog escaped out of her collar and we had to chase her down, and luckily were able to retrieve her prior to her running into traffic. Our dog was then put into a harness instead of a collar to avoid her Houdini habits.

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