A Public Service Announcement: SIDS

This is not meant to pick on anyone or to push my thoughts and wishes on others.  This is meant to be a public service announcement.  Recently I was reading a facebook post of a family who went to large extents to decorate a baby’s bed to look all beautiful and luxurious.

The bed did look beautiful.  I am sure many hours of work, time and cost go in to making beautiful nurseries.  I am sure they are a labor of love but please…please don’t do it.  Don’t make beds like this, don’t buy them, don’t provide them.

Our family has lost two babies to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  I have a great nephew and great niece who both passed away.  Max was three months old and Ryleigh had just turned a year old.  Friends of our lost one of their grandchildren who was a twin to SIDS.  These deaths are alarming and devastating.

One of the ways SIDS is prevented is by NOT providing soft surfaces for babies to sleep on.  Firm mattresses, no toys, no blankets, no bumper pads…NOTHING should be on or in the bed when the baby is in the bed-just the baby.  NOTHING…not even the beautiful quilts we make them.

When you give a baby quilt, please educate the family and let them know that the quilt needs to not be in the bed with the baby until the baby is over 18 month old.  Encourage them to use the quilt for “tummy time” or on the floor as a clean surface to play.

Again, I am not trying to be rude.  I just want to help all of us stay informed.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could prevent a family from dealing with the death of their child?

To learn more about preventing SIDS please check out this Mayo Clinic listing of ways to prevent SIDS deaths.

7 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement: SIDS”

  1. Very well written. I cringe when I see bumper pads and pillows in a crib. I cannot imagine losing a baby you’ve brought home. We lost our last one during the 3rd trimester at 35 weeks and that was devastating enough.

  2. Jo thank you for bringing this up. This is all very true, and needs to be told over and over until a baby bed is just a bed and not an icon

  3. I learned this a few years ago at my LQS of all places.
    The teacher of a class was expecting a grandchild and brought in a quilt to show us that she had made for the baby and said it was just for tummy time or in the stroller and that nothing should be in the crib at all.
    This is something that OB/GYN’s should be talking to their expectant mother’s about.

  4. Pat C in Washingon

    Thank you. I do the same thing about leaving coins around toddlers, after having my brother suffer brain damage from swallowing a penny when he was 2 years old. Once you go through something like that, you become an ambassador of information, don’t you?

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