A Project 25 years in the make….

Yesterday I asked for some quilting project advice…Here’s the advice that fits closest to me….it’s from Michelle who said….

“How could any one person decide? BUT if you are going to work on a “Bonnie” quilt, then you need to channel Bonnie. Like many have said, start with the one that is the most done. Then pick a second one and use that for your L/E and sew on and sew forth. However, I would take it one step further (which drives the people that are unfortunate to sew by me) I would continue to sew on proj #2 till I got to a stopping part then start on #3 and sew like a crazed woman then onto #4 and ……. and yes I keep them all straight and don’t mix them up at all. I tend to draw crowds at retreats. It drives them all crazy. They can only focus on ONE thing at a time! That drives ME Crazy!  Good Luck! Can’t wait to see what you decided!”

I am a lot like Michelle….I think I drive people crazy too.  I like to have LOTS of projects going on in different stages so I can pick up a project as time allows.  Last night after supper I quick canned some banana peppers with a little help from hubby.


I had about a half hours worth of time before I was heading to bed.  I looked at all those projects surrounding my machine trying to determine which to tackle.


I ended up grabbing “Jamestown Landing”.  My mood was to just do some piecing.  All the other projects were far enough along that they were at a stand still.  Most need something cut out or sorting out and at that time of night, I wasn’t in the mood for that.  I ended getting all the string blocks sewn together and 6 of the dark star blocks done….Yes..I admit, I did stay up a bit longer than a half an hour.


I am LOVING this project.  Every day that I sew one more piece…I am more in love with it.

I’ll get to those other projects….but honestly I am not real good at one project at a time unless there is a deadline.  I am hoping that today I’ll squeak out enough time to cut out the sashing for Pineapple Blossom and set that next to the machine because that project is calling me too.  I might go load the crumb quilt into the quilting machine…I might cut out the pieces for the Cactus Patch Quilt…just something that will get the projects one step further along.

I got questions about Cactus Patch…it’s from Bonnie Hunter’s  Scraps and Shirttails 1. Here’s a little picture of that.


It’s our anniversary today….25 years….and counting.   As much as LOVE quilting I have to admit marriage is the best project I have ever undertaken.  It’s the most rewarding.  It has the most stories and most importantly, it’s my project most likely to endure. If I need to sign up for 25 more years, I will….or I guess I should say, “I do”.

25 thoughts on “A Project 25 years in the make….”

  1. Wow! Congratulations on 25 years of marriage! I sew just like you do-have to have many projects going at one time or I get bored. I have to say that most quilts get finished, but in due time. Once again, thanks for your blog. I read it every day, and love it. I’m so envious of your Bonnie Hunter pictures. Also, I’m still working on attending a Country Threads camp-I think next spring. Can’t wait.

  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! How will you celebrate?

    I love all your projects. I think it’s fun to have a few things in different stages. Keeps boredom away. :) That’s my story…

  3. Happy 25th Anniversary!!! And Many More!!! Great to see you and daughter had such a good time with Bonnie! You always get so much accomplished, no matter how many things you have started:)
    I enjoy reading your blog everyday!

  4. You are a force of nature, honey!! :-D Quilt on!
    And Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to both of you & many more years of love together!

  5. Congratulations! I too will hit the big 25 in a weekish.

    I am so glad that I can find others that sew like I do. I thought that I was all alone. :( It was nice to see atleast 4 or more projects sitting right there by your machine. I don’t know about you, but I channeled Bonnie even before I knew of Bonnie and I hope to one day to get to meet her, not just her quilts! And You too of course! I just wish I had a quarter of her energy level. And just so you know, the ONLY time that I work on one quilt at a time is if I am doing a store display or for a customer where I need to keep track of my time, otherwise its atleast 3-4 different ones – for real.
    Can’t wait to see the progress on JTL (reminding myself I need to get this magazine!) and all of the other wonderful stuff that you do!

  6. Happy Anniversary! It great to be surrounded by the things you love in life (whether its a husband, kids or a multitude of quilt projects)!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years of marriage! That is no easy feat, and you are loving it so double congratulations!! Really enjoyng your Bonnie journey and dying to make that cactus patch quilt after seeing your fabrics….

  8. happy anniversary! we celebrated 24 this year. it’s great. oh, and like you, i can’t just do one project at a time. i’ve usually got several going in different stages. i get bored easy, i guess.

  9. Congratulations on a 1/4 of a century together. May you have many, many more. Love is the most important thing that we do in this life – it transends the generations.

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  11. Would you mind sharing your pepper recipe? I have lots of peppers not sure how to can them. Thanks and I love your blog, enjoy reading everyday :-). You inspire me.

  12. Such fun projects you have going — all at once.
    BTW, how interesting to see you and your daughter on Bonnie’s blog. You are indeed famous now. I’m so envious that you got to go to her workshop. Maybe I’ll keep an eye on her schedule and see when she’s in the neighborhood again. What fun that must have been.
    Happy anniversary!

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