A Productive Saturday

I’ve been in a mood to get a few things done around here…the things I easily put off.  I think we all have a list of “those things”.

I had bought this tray (I’m not sure what to call it) last summer at a flea market-type sale.  It was in tough shape and was VERY dirty.  I bought it because I thought it could be mounted on the wall for me to put some small cross stitch pieces in.

It got cleaned and stained…Next up, I need some varnish…

Buck suggested I try a spray on varnish.  I ended up buying this from Amazon.

I’ll give it a try when it comes.

I’ve been wanting a little decorative tree.  Just a mini one.  I ended up finding one at the thrift store for 50 cents but it was definitely Easter-themed.  I forgot to take a before picture.

There was a ceramic rabbit and grass at the base.  I ended up pulling out the tree.  I got a piece of a tree branch and cut it with the chop saw.

I found a drill bit the right size and drilled a hole in the base I had just cut.

Now here’s my tree.  I’m debating about spray painting the tree.  We’ll see.  I’ll try it out as is first and then decide.

I’m not afraid of power tools but I don’t feel overly confident with them either so I was happy I did this even though it was easy.  I keep telling myself that I need to do more and more projects and hopefully, one day, I’ll be more confident.

I broke one of the slats on the bench in my garage.

I was so frustrated about that.  It’s been this way for a month or two.

I finally cleared the bench off, got some wood glue and a clamp…

Here it is all better.  I can see the crack but it’s much better than a hole!

WHEW.  I’ve had junk on these for so long.  I’m glad I finally cleaned them off.  I was so happy about it I sent Sandra from the Cresco Ladies group a picture.  Typically we have to fight for room to put quilts on this.  I hope she doesn’t have a heart attack from seeing it cleaned off.

I was on a roll getting lots of things done.

I carried the stuff at the top of the stairs to the basement.
I got softener salt into the water softener.
Recycling all got taken out.

I bought THIS SET set of garage hooks from Amazon…

Buck put them up and now the scooters are all hanging…

The weed eater and leaf blower are hanging too.

Miss Rosie got a bath…

She wasn’t happy about that but I sure was.

I started some more impatiens plants too.  It was such a great day and I was thrilled to get so many odd jobs done.  Sometimes I put these things off and they hang over my head.  What a joy to have them all done.  Nothing was hard or even a huge accomplishment…but together it all made my day.

17 thoughts on “A Productive Saturday”

  1. A very productive day indeed! Such a good feeling to have those done for sure. It shows to me that you really are feeling better too. That is so good!

  2. Well done ! I keep a continuous list of jobs, allowing 3 per day. Now if I don’t get all 3 ticked off my list, then they roll over to the next day. The job police haven’t taken me away (yet) if I don’t get something done on time. This method works for me as I work best from a list.

    1. Cynthia from SWMinnesota

      Great idea to put the list on paper then choose what to do! Three tasks completed per day is a great goal, will try this as well!

  3. It is indeed a HUGE accomplishment to check all of these small items off of your to-do list. Congrats on the successes!

    Happy Monday Jo :-)

  4. It always makes me smile when I get those “little” jobs done. I don’t know why I procrastinate because none of them are brain surgery. I look forward to seeing some of your cute little stitching projects in that wooden box, what a clever idea.

  5. Everywhere I look it seems people are tackling tasks. I don’t seem to be getting past the bare minimum. Does anyone else ever just want 3 days completely to themselves, alone? Or am I an oddball?

  6. Isn’t it so boosting to one’s spirit when you have a sense of accomplishment?! I cleared, sorted, purged, and organized an area of our home today. While I’m a ways away yet from being completely finished with that area I feel such a sense of accomplishment! Even better is the items I chose to donate to our local Goodwill store as it was relatively easy to look at things I’ve not used not will I. Gone! Congratulations on using power tools, Jo, and in repairing your wooden bench.

  7. What a FEEL GOOD DAY!!! I like to make a list– so i can cross things off– crazy–but I will even make a list AFTER it’s all done–so I can visually see ” Yay—these are all taken care of–what’s next??”!!!


    1. Oh. That sounds like me! When I retired to take care of mom full-time, there were days when I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything even though I was busy all day. Now I make a to-do list each morning and each night I do a journal entry that is just a list of everything that happened that day. I still procrastinate about things that I really don’t like doing, but at least I know what I’ve accomplished each day.

  8. Isn’t it a great feeling when we accomplish things on our to-do lists! The trouble is, as I cross things off, I add more haha

  9. I’m thinking today would be a good day to clean my bedroom. I let it go for so long, can’t see the tops of the dressers. But the painter is coming next week so tidy up I say. I love that bench.

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