A “Pressing” Matter

When I went on the retreat in Storm Lake, Iowa this summer to see Bonnie Hunter, one of the things I learned from Bonnie was how to “chain press”.  When working with these little hour glass blocks, I got plenty of opportunity to practice what I learned.

I left the chained pieced string together then cut them into groups of about 6-8 pieces.  I laid them on my ironing board with the black fabric facing up.


I lift the black fabric and iron it in down.  I continue until all the pieces were ironed.  Then I cut them apart.


It really is much quicker.

I thought Bonnie had a post telling more about this on her blog, but I have looked around and couldn’t find it.   It took me a bit to get used to, but now that I’ve done it for awhile…I like it much better than working with each piece individually.  If you don’t already use this method, give it a try.

15 thoughts on “A “Pressing” Matter”

  1. thanks for the tip! I will try it. I usually use the clover needle threader that is on a stand to cut my strings apart, (but I never use it to thread a needle.)

  2. I do something similar (chain pressing). When I go to snip the pieces apart, I have a cheapie (but SHARP!) stitch-ripper attached to my board (velcro/duct tape .. whatever works the best for you), and I simply draw the pieces across the ripper — less chance of snagging my board cover w/ my snips that way. :)

  3. Hi Jo,
    I used to live in a town about an hour South of Storm Lake, IA., called Denison, IA. Do you live in the area? I have not done any of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts, but we have a mutual friend who does, Sandi Delman. Sandi and I work in the same company. Sandi has sewed quite a few of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. That’s how I do too……instead of using scissors to snip or buying one of those stand things, I use a cheap little blue seam ripper and a spool of thread. I put tape around the seam ripper handle to make it a tight fit in the spool and still have the cover to put back on it. Cheap and effective.
    Your pieces look great!

  5. Many thanks Jo for this time-saving method! May I add another tip ? After pressing you can bring the chain to your cutting mat and cut your thread AND dog ears in one cut.
    No Orca Bay Mystery for me (sigh), I have too much to end up for Christmas…
    Happy Thanksgiving !

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