A Play Date

A year or so ago, my niece was visiting our house and I gifted her some fabric to make her girls quilts.  I suggested that she could come back for a play date and quilt them on Pfaff Grand Quilter, and yesterday was the day for that play date to happen.


I have had several people come over and use my machine and I never quite know how to handle it.  Do they want to do the quilting themselves…do they want me to do it?  Jody was a little combination of both.  She wanted to learn and give it a try…just not the border sections where we were putting white thread on down on solid colored fabric.  If you look close at the photo above, you can see she’s biting her lip, deep in concentration.

The quilt she is working on is her daughter Stacey’s quilt.  The pattern is Tile Tango from Atkinson Designs and is made with mostly Moda fat quarters and scraps from a past Me and My Sister collection.

Jody’s daughter Stacey wanted to get in on the action of working on her quilt….


It does my heart good to see quilting being passed down to the next generation.  She did a wonderful job.  Check out Stacey’s cute hair do courtesy of my daughter Kayla..

While my sister Judy, my niece Jody and I were upstairs working on quilts my kids where having cousin time downstairs with Jody’s kids.  Here is my daughter Kayla braiding Dawn’s hair.


Kayla is a master braider and can do AMAZING things with hair.  Both of the girls have bangs but Kayla was talented enough to get the bangs worked into the braids.

My son Karl was busy entertaining the boys, Ryan, Zach and Matthew, with legos, chickens, farm tours, and Nintendo 64.  Here he has all five of the kids packed into the tractor cab.


My daughter Kalissa was great too…while we were busy with all that, she put together and AMAZING lunch of sweet corn, hamburgers, hotdogs, cucumber salad, pickles and potato wedges.

Once Stacey’s quilt was done, it was onto Dawn’s.  Her’s was the same pattern with slightly different coloring.  I was lucky enough to help Dawn work on hers…


All in all a great day with quilting and family who are also friends…isn’t that the best kind of family?!?!  I do have to say my great nephew Matthew, almost two, completely stole my heart.  He is just the cutest little guy ever.  I was nervous about how Gracie would do around kids but she was great.


I hope we can have a fun “play date” again.  It’s nice to know that I’m not too old for a play date with my niece…even though we’ve both hit our 40’s.

6 thoughts on “A Play Date”

  1. Great pics, it’s great fun to watch brave people using a quilting machine……I’ve yet to try….lol
    Beautiful quilt too.

  2. Susan Blumenshein

    I still remember sewing with my mom over 50 years ago~she on her big Pfaff and me on my little one. Your family is gaining beautiful memories as well as beautiful objects to enjoy.

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