A Place for Puppycat!

A post from Kelli–

Believe it or not, one of the first things that I was looking for when we moved was a place that we could put Puppycat’s kennel.  I had originally wondered about the garage, but when I found out it wasn’t heated or cooled, I quickly crossed it off the list.  I then was maybe thinking the laundry room, but when we got to looking at it, there wasn’t really a place that would fit well.  I looked at a few other places but couldn’t quite figure something out so I ended up just throwing it in a corner until I figured out where I wanted to put it for good.

I left it for a few days and finally got around to cleaning out the dining room.  When I looked at everything, it turned out that there wasn’t really an obvious place to put the kennel, but it didn’t fit too bad where it was.  I ended up leaving it where it was.

Another of my goals in moving to the house is to do a little bit more decorating.  After I went through a few boxes of decorations, I ended up gathering up a few things that relate to dogs and decided to hang them on the wall by the kennel.

Dog Pictures (225x400)
There are a few things that I still want to do to the “Puppycat decorations.”  I need to get a picture of her added to the frame.  I also want to find a little shelf to put above the three bottom things so that I have a place to put a few of my little beagle figurines.

My favorite part of them all is the Dog Lessons for People cross stitch that I made.  It’s the first thing that I cross stitched and I can see that there are a few places that I made mistakes, but the most important thing that I learned is to keep going and work to get it finished.  I learned the basics and it has really been something that I am glad I put the time into learning as I have really had a fun time doing it.

My favorite part of the saying is “love unconditionally and be a best friend.”  I sure have found that in Puppycat!


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