A Pincushion Parade…

Beth at Love, Laugh, Quilt is having a pincushion parade…before you head on over there and check it out, here’s a few of mine.

I use my magnetic pincushion most (or would that be a pin holder being there is no cushion to it?).


I made this one with my Double Wedding Ring Die.  There’s a tutorial for it here.


I made this similar one with my Rob Peter to Pay Paul die….a tutorial for that one is here.


I made this impractical bird one some time ago.


Here’s one a made using my AccuQuilt GO!  This one is designed to look like a flower.  It’s attached to a golf tee and the tee slides into the center of a spool of thread.  I use is for little project when I need a needle and thread.  The tutorial for this one is here.


This one was made by a friend I made through blogging….It hold safety pins.


Then of course I have the old stand by traditional one.


Oops I forgot this one…it holds needles and is another I designed that is made with my GO! cutter…tutorial here.


I just recently started accumulating  pincushions.  Previously…I didn’t have many at all.  I am finding that I like certain ones at certain times.  When I am pinning the car, my magnetic one isn’t the best….it’s not the best when I am pinning in the living room either.  That one really needs to just stay by my sewing machine.

How many pincushions do you have?

10 thoughts on “A Pincushion Parade…”

  1. I have about a dozen or so. Not all of them are made by me. I absolutely love pincushions and have them stationed all over the house in strategic places when I sew.
    I love yours, thanks for sharing!

  2. Laurel from Iowa

    I have the traditional tomato pin cushion from 100 years ago and it stays in the old plastic sewing box (also from long ago!) I mainly use my white magnetic PinPal. A friend made me a patchwork carrot pincushion in colors to match my sewing room, so I keep it on my sewing desk and admire it :D

  3. I have four of the traditional ones because I’ve bought them for my granddaughters hoping they would learn to sew. I use two of the Fons and Porter flower pin cushions by my machines. I have one wrist pin cushion that I use when pinning quilts on the long arm.

  4. I just joined the parade – what fun! Thanks for sharing your pincushions. I would like to make some of those flowers toppers on the spools. Very cute!

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