A Piece of Family History

Kelli was home and we were trying to find a box to ship the quilt we finished up off.  While incorporating a few things from one box into another box, we found this note from my daughter Kalissa.

This was written five years ago when she was 13.  I think it is so cute…It’s amazing how much has happened with her and even with me in the last five years.

I have a Facebook account.  I have a Facebook account for my website, Making Learning Fun,  and we have on for the blog.  A person would be hard pressed to find a business, school or charity organization that doesn’t have some type of account that they are affiliated Facebook.

About the note…yes we did let her get Facebook.  Yes we did monitor it and to this day still ask  her ” Is that what your aunt wants to see or know you?”.    Social media can be such a great way to stay connected when used properly.  I know for me, Facebook has really helped me stay in touch with old classmates, my family that lives farther away or even is a great way to contact all of my own kids all at once.  I especially love it when my nieces share video clips of their child first learning to read, school performances or just share little sillies that they said.  It helps me feel closer to them all.  I find it can be a valuable tool.

While we are on the topic of Facebook, are you a friend of Jo’s Country Junction on Facebook??  If not, you’re welcome to join our growing group.

This letter was one of the many that Kalissa sent to us pleading her case on a variety of topics.  These little notes, I truly treasure.

2 thoughts on “A Piece of Family History”

  1. Pat C in Washingon

    That is so cute! After my dad passed away, I was cleaning out his home office, and found a big envelope stuffed full of letters we 4 kids had written him and mom from various camps over the years. One stand-out from my brother: “Dear mom and dad. I am having fun. Send $2. Love, Jimmy” Priceless!

  2. I remember writing a letter to my Mom right after I graduated high school. I was dating someone she didn’t like . It was a note telling her I knew she was right about this person. She gave it back to me right after I Married my husband of 40 years. Notes are a great way too live through the years. I did not ask her to send me $2.00 (see above) :)

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