A Perfect Fit!

A post from Kelli–

When I decided that I wanted to do a few cosmetic upgrades to my home this summer, I knew that I would be slightly limited.  Because we currently rent, I knew that ripping out a wall or painting the wall a nice red would be out of the question.  I decided that I would try to find a smaller piece that I could place in the kitchen to add some extra storage and to display the cookie jars that I have been collecting.  With Puppycat also being a trash digger, I was also open to moving the trash can into the back staircase that leads to the basement that I refuse to enter.

When I mentioned this to mom, she told me that she had the perfect thing.  She dug out this wonderful little shelf.  At first, I didn’t know for sure if it would work because it was a bit smaller than what I was looking for, but she told me that I could chalk paint it and if I didn’t like it or it didn’t fit perfectly, we could sell it.  I got to chalk painting it and noticed that it had some cute little quirks.  The scalloped edge on the top was a bit uneven and the stain that was previously applied wasn’t the best.  The further I got into the painting process, the more I was hoping that it would fit as I was really starting to like it!

Red Shelf 1


Here it is in my kitchen.  Amazingly, it fits perfectly over the vent–Something I didn’t plan at all.  It also works perfectly to hold cookbooks and the cookie jars that I have been collecting.Red Shelf 3

Remember I said the scalloping isn’t quite perfect?  Here’s a quick picture to show you.  I am assuming that this shelf was probably a product of a high school shop class or 4-H project and was more carved out that cut out.  I absolutely love it!  I love hand made!! It’s little things like this that give a bit of personality that cannot be matched by store-bought furniture.  I’ll definitely be keeping this piece for a long time!

For those of you wondering this was chalk painted with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk with two coats, light waxed and then lots of dark wax.


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Fit!”

  1. Well Kelli I have to tell you I have a cookie jar just like the one that says “cookie” and has the curly design around it…but mine is in blue…I ditched the wire handle back in the 70’s when the kids were little/young and a few years ago we broke the lid but hubby made a new lid out of wood……we’ve had the jar for at least 40 years now…..good find…

  2. Love it! We have a trash-loving Samoyed Found a trash can with a lid at Kohls. He can’t figure it out; nose bops it to try to get in!

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