A Peck Box and a Pie

Over Thanksgiving our son Buck and his wife Jen were home.  They had a busy week and came in apologizing that they hadn’t brought anything….

They actually had.  They brought me a goodie box along with a couple bottles of wine.  For me…that was perfect.

The goodie box was filled with canned goods.  They are busy all summer canning.  The pies I made in the picture were made with their canned apple pie filling….YUM!!


We also tried the pepper jelly…also YUM!!  They can WAY more than I do…and they are good at it!

They brought all the goodies in a wooden box he made.  When visiting the Amish community near Hazelton last summer he bought some veggies in a peck box.  He took the dimensions of the box and made some wooden boxed complete with the stenciling..one side says 1 US Peck.  The other side says KRAMER.

The box is perfect.  8 large canning jars fit in it perfectly….It does say KRAMER on the box and I am a Kramer (hint-hint)….He did leave it here but alas I am sure that was an oversight on his part but isn’t the box neat??


I sure think it is.

He does an great job with woodworking and Jen’s a great helping with the stenciling.

I took the goodies to the basement put them on the shelf and filled the box with empty jars so he can take them back next time he’s home.

I sure love having resourceful kids…now days most people run to Walmart to just get a tote.  Not my boy, he runs to the garage and creates something neat..and useful.

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  1. You are reaping the benefits of children well-raised, loving and resourceful. Any mother’s dream! Your pies look so delicious, I can almost taste them! What lovely crust! Any chance your kids would share the canned apple pie recipe with us? : )

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