A Package from Carol

I got a package in the mail on Monday.  It was kind of funny because I actually had two packages and the mailman had to bring them to door.  The packages came during childcare and the oldest of my childcare kids said, “Something for us, or more fabric?”  That girls knows…and she’s right.  Most things that she sees come in the mail are usually fabric or something for them.

One package was fabric and one was a rug hooking frame for Kelli.

My package was one STUFFED box.  See if bulging at the seams?  The sender ships boxes like I do….overflowing!!

The fabric was from Carol.  She wrote the sweetest note.  She and her husband are moving and she says, “I’be got more fabric/projects to and pack and move than I can shake a stick at.”  So she was passing one on to me.

She also said that last week I had said I might sew a denim quilt one day so she sent me this…..a denim project.

It looks so fun.  The patches consist of a larger denim square and a smaller flannel square.  In the end there is no batting.  It’s designed to be a picnic quilt.

Notice also that the blocks alternate.  There is a dark then light square.  I think everything is here to get a long way on the quilt.  I really like it and plan to finish it unless I end up like Carol and don’t like sewing with denim once I give it a try…but I don’t see that happening, it’s just too cute.

I’m almost thinking about making two smaller ones and using them for childcare to put babies on when they are getting some floor time.  I’m not sure…we’ll just have to see once I give it a try.

I am sure others of you might like to give this a try too so once I get going at it I’ll write out some instructions.  It’s a fabulous upcycle project…a flannel shirt and some denim jeans can quickly turn into a quilt.

Watch for more updates on this project!

For now, I’m going to find a good container for it and will tackle this once I get a couple other projects finished around here.

Thanks so much Carol.  The project is really cute and I’m excited to give it a try…most of all congrats to you for braving a fight against cancer and winning.  Great work…GREAT WORK!!

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  1. I remember a long way back that you and Kelli had stopped someone and bought rug hooking supplies. Well, have you started or now that Kelli has a frame it will be a project in the near future. You’ll love it. My quilting is on back burner now that hooking is my # 1 love.

  2. I have some 100% cotton lounge pants that would be perfect for this! Too bad I just gave away several pair of jeans.
    Will watch for the instructions.

  3. Hi Jo–What a lovely posting! You are so very welcome to this project. I had great fun gathering the jeans/shirts @ local thrift shops. The package–well, that was fun, too. When I took it to my local post office the lady there said “Hey, it will cost less to ship it if it is one box. Let’s see if we can stuff it in one.” She & I stuffed the two packages into one box–it kept busting out the sides, top, bottom–we must’ve wrestled w/ it for a good 10 minutes. I had an appointment in town, so said “Just send it as two–I’ll pay the postage.” She said, “NO! I’m gonna get this in one box if it takes the rest of today & a whole role of tape!” I see she succeeded! We laughed so much over this. I love your idea of using it for the children/babies for floor work. You could even put a layer of fleece on the back to make it softer. BTW–I have more fabric for you. Will be sending soon. Stay strong–cancer is a worthy opponent. You CAN knock it down!

  4. I love this idea! I have a bunch of denim squares already cut out. I really didn’t want to make another rag quilt so this is the perfect answer. Thanks to Carol for sharing with you and to you for sharing with us!

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