A Nurse in the Family

You may remember awhile ago Kalissa was having trouble deciding if she wanted to be a paramedic or a nurse.  Many of you said, “be a nurse”.  Many said, “follow your dream”.

A friend of mine was bothered that Kalissa didn’t have her mind made up.  I wasn’t…If Kalissa would have been my first or second kid, I’d have been bothered…but she’s my fifth kid.  I’ve seen the others change their mind and have trouble deciding but turned out just fine.

Well the decision is in….she picked a nurse.


She’s going to the local community college and has decided to get an apartment there.  It was either pay rent or pay gas.  Rent won out…besides she wants a college experience and it’s easier to get if you actually live at college.  


She got her uniforms and had to try them on.  We have come to the conclusion that she needs white under garments.

Part of the trouble with deciding was that she wanted to meet people who didn’t live in our immediate area and get out.  I think the decision was an easier one to make after she met her room mate.  Her room mate who is a year older than her introduced her to some of the guys.  There is a whole bunch of boys who go to that community college to be a John Deere mechanics.  As I write this, one is sitting on the couch in my living room….If her giggling is any indication, she won’t have a bit of a problem meeting people other than the kids in the area who go to college there.

And as far as the nursing part goes…she’s a natural.  She won’t have any problem with that unless, of course, her social life gets in the way.  The count down is on…28 more days and our nest will be empty.

17 thoughts on “A Nurse in the Family

  1. Lynn Walker

    Well done to your girl. As a qualified nurse she can get work anywhere in the world. What a fabulous opportunity for her.
    Regards from sunny England

  2. Carolyn

    NOT necessarily White! Pink, ‘nude’ and beige also works.I’ll never forget the day i figured out that white ‘pants suit’ showes your undies!!!! LOL at least I had them on.

  3. Teri

    LOL I would go with the nude (beige) undergarments. The white ones will show through and look even worse. I am sure she will do well.

  4. Jeanne

    A nurse is a great choice – she can always become a paramedic too, if she wants. I vote for nude or beige undergarments – I’ve had white show through. Best of luck to her! ~Jeanne

  5. Quilter Kathy

    She will have the time of her life! So fun!
    It’s interesting how the anxiety level about raising kids goes down with each successive child. Maybe faith in the process grows? Hmmm

  6. Bobbie BentNeedle

    Ditto on what they said about nude/tan/beige/flesh colored undies. They may be boring but they don’t scream “I’m here” from underneath a white uni like just about anything else does – including white!

  7. o2b Quilting

    If she ends up living in a smaller community after college she can become a volunteer EMT and will have a career and much needed volunteer opportunity…ask her dad…volunteer EMT’s, First Responders, and Firefighters are always needed!! If She decides to get her bachelor’s degree in nursing, my daughter has really enjoyed Luther College and is currently in Nottingham, England, with her classmates and Luther instructor doing clinicals over there for the month of July.

  8. Sue Tokash

    I loved your line..”A friend of mine was bothered that Kalissa didn’t have her mind made up. I wasn’t…If Kalissa would have been my first or second kid, I’d have been bothered…but she’s my fifth kid. I’ve seen the others change their mind and have trouble deciding but turned out just fine.”
    When my last child was still trying to make a career decision so many people were like your friend. I just kept smiling and saying it will all work out. Why we believe that children need to write in stone their futures at 17/18 I will never understand. Life is a journey, as long as they move along..it’s all good.

  9. Sharon Hughson

    Yes she will always have a job. Get nude or beige undies. They show less. Try it, you’ll see.

  10. Lisa B

    Congrats to your daughter! Tell her to try light beige undies and bras. That is what I wear under my white pants (that are skin tight) and white tops.

  11. Ranch Wife

    Good for her! An empty nest is a transition, but adventure lies ahead for you…and Kalissa! Our college girl once sent me a picture of a circle with three items listed and arrows between the 3 items. Sleep. Good grades. Social life. Pick 2. Made me laugh, but it pretty much sums it up.

  12. Linda V

    My daughter graduated with an RN degree from our local community college. However, the most difficult part was they only accept 60 students out of 3000 applicants! Can we say, “impacted program”? Most applicants are straight ‘A’ students in all the prerequisites, too. It was a miracle of God that our daughter made it in on her first try. She loves being a nurse. She worked first as an ICU nurse for two years and then as an operating room nurse for a year and now works as a supervisor in home healthcare. There are sooooo many options for a nurse! She would like to go back to school and get her bachelor’s degree, but needs to figure out how to fit in schooling while working full time. Praying for your daughter as she studies for a very noble profession!

  13. Ellen

    When I was in nursing school we had a choice of dresses or pants. Wow, times have changed…..congrats !


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