A Nurse in the Family

It was a big week for our daughter Kalissa last week.  She turned 19-which she decided is boring as there is nothing “special” at age 19 that happens…no license-no “adult” status-not allowed alcohol…so with that, let’s hope 19 isn’t too boring!  We got her tickets to see Miranda Lambert in concert this summer for a present…that was exciting but we bought the tickets a couple month ago and she already knew about that…oh well.  She had other excitement last week though….


She completed her LPN classes.  Ya-Hoo!!  I am so glad.  If you’re a long time blog reader you know that she has lamented about this for some time.  She had wanted to be an EMT and struggled with the decision about being an EMT or a nurse.  Occasionally I still hear her questioning that still but once she saw the salary that LPNs are getting in our area, she’s getting more and more comfortable with nursing.

Here she is with her boyfriend Craig…who she also found at college.  It’s funny, all of my girls have found their boyfriends at NICC-the local community college.

Kalissa is continuing on with her RN.  Classes for her go year round so no rest for the weary.  She has sent in all her paperwork and money to test for her LPN..once that happens she’ll have more responsibility and more money at her job.

When I asked if she had other plans, she says she’s planning on staying at the nursing home.  She says, “I just love old people”.

4 thoughts on “A Nurse in the Family”

  1. Melissa Garcia

    Good for her. Through many years of in and out of hospitals and rehabs with my mother we saw that it takes someone special to take care of old people. What a difference it makes if the care giver has that special touch. Keep it up Kalissa.

  2. GOOD for her! as an LPN, and then an RN I think it’s a great career move to do the RN too. NH need RN’s too. And after time goes by and life…. she might find that she wants to do more be more. having the RN already will allow her to do that.

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