A Not So Funny Thing Happened

A not so funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen…

About three weeks ago I was doing childcare.  The kids were being quiet in the living room…you know that quiet.  The where you’re sure that they are up to something.  Well I walked in to check on them and all was actually okay.  I turned around to head back to the kitchen to finish making lunch when my foot stepped on a canning jar ring.  The ring slid.  My other foot hit another canning jar ring and I took a tumble.  A bad one as I ended up completely turning around and was now faced towards the living room.

Initially I thought I screwed up my wrist and ankle again as they were immediately painful.  I nursed them along and they were tolerable after a couple days.  Then my shoulder kicked in and started hurting.  At the time it happened I didn’t have shoulder pain but the next day I woke up and felt like I had slept on it wrong.

Fast forward through the retreat time and through the next week of childcare.  I just couldn’t kick the pain.  It started radiating down my arm and even into my neck.  By the time last Saturday came along, I was a hurting girl…really hurting.

Then Monday came and I had enough.  Kelli watched the childcare kids and made appointment for both the doctor and chiropractor….my news.  I screwed up my rotary cuff on my right arm.  Not good.

I was given meds and I hate them.  The muscle relaxers are awful.  I hate the fog I am in from them….

The pain pills don’t do much for the pain.

I have until the end of the week to feel relief or I am suppose to go back in.

I am starting to think I’ll be back in.  UGH.  I rode with Hubby to an appointment on Tuesday then stopped and had supper.  I started tearing up at the table as we waited for our food it hurt so bad.  Typically I am not real wimpy.  But either I’ve turned into a wimp or there’s more to the story.

Yes I am trying to take it easy…yes to icing it.  I am not good at any of those things…but I am trying.  Let’s hope it gets a little better…I just can’t stand the constant pain.  There is no comfortable place for my arm to sit.  I just hate it.

I know everyone will tell me not to worry about it but I’m starting to think that this wedding quilt might not get done in time.  I can’t sit for long time sewing anymore.  The strain is too much.  I did sew this morning for a half hour and the arm did good.  I think I’ll just have to do a few sessions of a half hour.  Sitting at the computer is hard on my shoulder too.

So there you have it…that’s my shoulder saga and my not so funny thing that happened on the way to the kitchen.

24 thoughts on “A Not So Funny Thing Happened”

  1. I injured my rotator cuff about 10 years ago. In the last year, I am having pain from it. Have you tried Myoflex cream? It really helps with the pain. It is over the counter.

  2. Hi Jo
    No advice, but I am sending positive thoughts your way. I am a pro at doing the most amazing things to my body but you don’t need to hear all of that. I am guessing that not having the wedding quilt done in time is what hurts the most. We all can understand that. And your daughter will understand if it’s not done on her wedding day. Just wrap yourself in the love that you know your family feels for you and accept that whatever happens is what’s meant to happen. Do your best and let the rest go. All of us are cheering for you, Jo.

  3. Feel better, Jo. How on Earth do you get the childproof caps of your medicine bottles with a rotator cuff injury?! With any luck, you’ll be ready for Spring training. ;)

  4. Oh no! No advise other than take it easy and I’m sure she will completely understand if the quilt is not done in time for the wedding.

  5. I have no words of wisdom either,just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Connie

  6. So sorry to hear you were hurt! I hope things will heal on their own and quickly! Keeping you in my thoughts. Wish I could come up and help you on that wedding quilt!

  7. Just a thought. I had similar pain and same treatment. Hate pain meds. Well after all that meds. Chiropractor,electro muscular stimulator. Whirlpool. On and on. My Dr. Have me a steroid injection in the affected shoulder.. In Thursdays I was free of pain.
    Prayers for a speedy solution
    Linda Scott
    In Deep East Texas.

  8. I hurt my right shoulder last September. When I finally went to the orthopedic dr. (partial rotator cuff tear) she gave me a cortisone shot with lidocaine. My shoulder Immediately felt better and I was able to function totally. Three months later the pain began coming back, but it wasn’t as severe. I take 4 Ibuprofen at bedtime plus an over the counter sleeping pill to help me sleep through the small twinges I still have. I went to physical therapy as well(with massage of affected parts!), and still do certain exercises she advised. Good Luck!

  9. As for the quilt issue: your kids are adults and will understand if it isn’t done on time. Can you give them a proxy quilt (you must have a quilt you have made hanging around somewhere) to use until you are well and able to finish the wedding quilt?

  10. No advice, just sympathy for the injury and pain. Dealing with pain is not always an easy fix, I hope you are able to get both temporary relief and a long term cure. Best Wishes

  11. I missed up my rotor cuff several years ago. Orthopedic Dr. Gave me a choice of surgery or thearpy plus shot in shoulder. Shot made it feel better and do did the thearpy, but in long run still had to go in and clean scar tissue off. Try the shot first and then do surgery. If I had to go over again, I would go surgery. Recovery time was just a few weeks .
    I hope you heal fast and feel better quickly r

  12. i’m sure everyone would understand if you don’t get the quilt finished before the wedding. just rest because if you don’t it is just going to get worse and take longer to heal!

  13. I feel your pain. I injured my shoulder and ended up with a frozen shoulder. After much physiotherapy and cortisone shots, it was finally back to normal. Hang in there and do everything the doctor tells you do!

  14. I’ve had surgery on both shoulders for rotary cuff tears, so I totally get where you are! When you are sitting, put a pillow under your arm so that your elbow is about 6″ from your side – do support your upper arm all the way up with the pillow, and that may help. When you sleep, lay on your good side and use another pillow (or 2) to support your arm and shoulder, from the front and under your arm. Sleeping may be easier in a recliner for a while…sure hope you heal quickly because I know just how miserable you are! Praying for you, and don’t worry about the quilt, if it is finished or not, the world will not end!!

  15. I hope you feel better. Have you tried accupuncture? My mother-in-law had some knee pain issues and they were resolved with the accupuncture.

  16. I am really sorry that the fall happened and has caused the problem and pain! I fell a few years ago and have had severe pain in my lower back and left hip. The pain continues to increase and travels now almost to the knee. I have had the steroid injections and they do help for short periods of time, muscle relaxers I only take before bed with a sleep aide because of the pain waking me up…(pillows do help) , pain medications daily with little relief, but my specialists do not want to do surgery until a total last resort. So I do understand what you are going through and do hope that you heal quickly and the pain will go away. You must do what is right with you and discussions with your doctor.

    I am sorry about the quilt, but I am sure they will understand. I wish that I could help you. Send a hug and prayers.

  17. Hope you are on the mend by now. I too injured my rotator cuff when I slipped on the ice. I had to have surgery and all is fine now. Hopefully you will not have to go that route.

  18. I’m late coming to reading this, so I hope that you are mending. I will say, sometimes life just gets in the way of sewing. Your daughter and future son-in-law will understand if it the quilt doesn’t get done before the wedding. There are worse things. You must take care of yourself so that you’ll be good for the wedding. Sending prayers your way.

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