A Night with My Bestie

A post from Kelli–

A few weekends ago, I got to be the babysitter!  Craig had a work Christmas party that was in Clermont and coincidentally, I happen to live between their house and Clermont!  I was pretty darned excited!

I had a few things that I needed to get done, but other than that, it was going to be a hang out night!  We had Lucy’s birthday party the next day so we needed to make orange fluff.

He was pretty excited that I let him lick out the cool whip container!  As you can see, Puppy is close by, hoping that he drops the container.

He loved licking out the container.  I had to stop him from attempting to eat the actual fluff though.

I turned around to grab a spoon to mix things and this is what I saw!  Apparently he didn’t think he was getting enough of the whipped cream out!  Soon after, he put it on the floor for Puppycat as he was concerned that she wasn’t getting any!

He also found one of my puke bags I keep around the house and decided that it made a great hat!

After his normal bed time, I laid him down on the couch, shut off the light and put some Blippi on for him.  There was no use in laying him down in bed as Kalissa and Craig would be back by 10, but I figured if he slept a little, that would be ideal.  I headed over to the dining room where I keep my sewing room and figured I’d do a bit of ironing.

Before long, my buddy came to hang out!

He got climbed up on my sewing bench–

And was ready to help!

He was getting them all laid out and whenever he’d pick one up, he’d tell me that it was nice!  We talked about how pins are sharp and he couldn’t touch them and that the iron was hot, so he couldn’t touch that either.  It was so fun just watching him hang out with me and play with the blocks that I made.

We had to take a little bathroom break and decided to get his pajamas on.

I just love hanging out with him!  He’s getting to be so much fun to hang out with–I can actually have a conversation with him and he tells me about fun things that he’s done at mom’s!  Facetiming with him is also a blast!

I told mom and Kalissa the other day that I hope to have a fun kid just like Carver!  Needless to say, I would be thrilled for him to keep me company any day of the week!

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