A Night Out

Karl and I recently went down to visit my niece Jody.  I’d wanted and wanted to get there but with Kramer sick, I wasn’t able to.  She totally understood which is one of the many things I love about her.

We had a great visit…I stopped at the cross stitch shop after the visit and then we headed towards home.  On the way Karl and I started talking.  I told Karl that one thing Kramer had told me on the night we burned the couch was that “he hoped I would go and and do the things I always wanted to do but didn’t because he was at work and I was waiting for him to some home so we could go together”.

Since he said that, I’ve thought, “Gee, what are those things?”  Karl and I got talking about it.  I said I’d like to go to a couple museums that are local like the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Burr Oak.  We went on to mention other things.  He tried to convince me that I should do brewery tastings with him.  I caboshed that.  Mentally we both started making a list of things we’d like to do.  Then I said the one thing I know I wanted to do was see Elton John’s Rocketman Movie.

That prompted me to get out my phone and start seeing if it was playing anywhere locally.  With Kramer sick, nothing like movie premieres were relevant so I had no idea how long the movie had been out or if it had come to our theater.  I checked the couple theaters near us..nope.  No Rocketman.  Bummer.  That’s when I remembered that somewhere east of our house was a theater that served pizza while you watch the movie.  I asked Karl if he knew where that was…he said Waukon.  I said well that has always been on my list of things to try.  He said, “Check if Rocketman is there.”  I did and it was.  So…we started scrambling as it was only showing that night and that was it.

So we called Kelli and told her to ready to hop in the truck as we’d be there in 35 minutes and we were going to the movies.

We got to Town Theater Pizza and Pub just in time.

to see….

Here we are…You can’t tell as the picture is blurry but Kelli is holding Georgia…see?

It was great.  We order a pizza and beer and went in to sit.  It’s set up kind of like this…tables with chairs on one side only.  It’s not big…but not cramped.  There were high top tables behind us and couches with chairs to the right of us.

About half way through the movie they brought the pizza.  It was great pizza.  Not a piece left.

It was different but fun.  I’d definitely do it again and again.

But about the movie:
Rocketman was good.  I’m a big Elton John fan.  I grew up loving his music.  You might remember that Kelli and I went and saw him in concert.  (Read about that here if you missed it)  The movie is more of a musical.  It tells Elton John’s story.  I have to say, I feel so terrible when talented people have to go to suck bottoms in life.  Here we all were enjoying the music while they were suffering.  It’s sad.  Anyway…I did like the movie and if you’re an Elton John fan, it’s a must see!

…and back to theater….here’s what’s coming soon.

Yep..I’d happily go see Toy Story 4.

Tickets were only $4 as we went on a Monday night….

It you live in northeast Iowa and haven’t been to see a show in Waukon at the theater, give it a try.  You might like it too.

15 thoughts on “A Night Out”

  1. Our granddaughter’s birthday was this week, so we are having a family gathering this weekend. Toy Story 4 is on the agenda. Too bad we aren’t meeting in northern Iowa. Waukon sounds great. The Sumner movie theater has movies for $1 and the snacks are reasonable, too. We like to go there when we can find time.

    Glad you got to have a movie date :-)

  2. Donna Pheneger

    How lucky you are to have a movie theater like that!
    What a great family outing! Hope there are many more in your future – such fun!

  3. Spur of the moment outings are the best! Maybe you need a little bucket list to cross off as you think of these things and do them. Kramer would be proud.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sounds like a win – win for you. We go to movies maybe once a year and I have heard of the theater. Thanks for the review. May need to check it out. Kramer Strong!

  5. Go see Bohemian Rhapsody if you get a chance. It’s about the band Queen, mostly the lead singer.Freddie Mercury. The music was great and the story was supposed to be pretty close to the truth. It won a several awards.
    I’m a country music fan but did like some of Queen’s music. Really enjoyed the movie

  6. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    So Glad you had a family night out! Carver needs to see Toy Story 4. Would he sit still long enough. We need to see Rocketman. Love the music. I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody even though the story line was morbid. So many talented people have weird lives.

  7. Sherry Whalen

    I am so glad you got to see Rocketman – we went yesterday to see it as well, in Rochester. I loved it, in spite of the ‘random breaking out in song’ which I knew hubs would think was goofy, but it really did seem to fit in as usually he was day dreaming or hallucinating when it happened lol. I reminded him that he liked Tommy, Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar, and West Side Story, even though there is random singing and dancing. I think the Waukon theater has been a pizza/movie theater for many years hasn’t it, maybe more than 25? I used to work at a group home in Cresco and I remember that we went to a theater like that a couple of times. It was so fun, a perfect combo, movie, popcorn plus pizza!!

  8. I still have all my Elton John albums. I worked many hours babysitting for 50 cents an hour to pay for them! I need to see the movie too. Take care.

  9. Sometimes those last minute things are the most fun. We don’t have crazy expectations built up, we just go and enjoy. You’ve reminded me this is one I want to see at the theater. Hubs doesn’t like the theater so we usually watch movies at home, but I might go see this one.

  10. I don’t go to the movies very often, but probably would if they served pizza. Sounds like a enjoyable evening. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This sounds like such a neat way to watch a movie and a fun place to go. How much better can it get than to go to a good movie and have pizza too!

  12. I agree with Pat, spur of the moment outings are great. Keep on adding to that bucket list! Take care.

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