A Night at the County Fair!

A post from Kelli–

I was chatting with Jason on Thursday and giving him a hard time because we hadn’t done anything in a while. It was in part because I kind of wanted to go do something and in part because I figured maybe I could get him to come in early. To my surprise, he actually ended up suggesting we go to the county fair.

To no surprise, he was a bit late, but a night out of having to cook is still a pretty good night!

Of course, once we got there, we ended up finding people we knew and were able to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while.

One of my favorites was the food…but who doesn’t like fair food!?!?! When we initially walked by, Jason thought we should each get our own funnel cake. After seeing the price, $8 each, we decided we would be sharing! When we got ours, the size confirmed that sharing one was the best idea!

I mean who can say no to that!?!?

We walked around a bit more and checked out the floral hall. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Next were the open class and 4H projects.  Here are the open class quilt or textile projects. I think that some were open class and some were 4H.

We didnt have too much time to browse as they were working on shutting down the building for the evening, but I was able to grab a few pictures of some projects.

As you can see, there weren’t as many projects as there have been in the past. The one bright point for me was that should I have kids in the future, the group that they would belong to appeared to have one of the nicest booths with lots of participants and projects!

We walked around a bit more, chatted with lots more people, and even grabbed some cheese curds.

It was my favorite kind of night out…low key, close to home, and involving some pretty good food!



4 thoughts on “A Night at the County Fair!”

  1. Fairs are so much fun! I always had to have a corn dog and later, the smell of those grilled onions always drew me to the hamburger stand!

  2. $8.00 for a funnel cake! Prices have gone up since the last time I went to the fair! Corny dogs and funnel cakes are my favorite things to eat too!!!

  3. County fairs are so much fun and I agree the food is something one should take part in. Low key, close to home and no one has to cook, that is a perfect night out. I also enjoy seeing the 4 H displays and going into the arts buildings.

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