A new “Vintage Bed”

I have a thing for vintage beds…I love them.  I don’t know if it’s because they are so stately or because they display quilts so nicely.  Regardless, I love them.

Sunday Hubby went to an auction and bought one.  Now that the kids are gone and aren’t going to cover good furniture with stickers or spill finger nail polish on them, gradually, we are on the lookout for beautiful beds to put them kids’ old rooms.  Here was his find.

Look at the intricate work.  I love it.

This one is walnut…the bed in our bedroom is Victorian walnut too.  We had thought we had thought our next bed would be oak as it is much easier to find a matching dresser but, this one called and we answered.

Hubby will do a little work to make it fit a full sized bed frame rather than the 3/4 size.  He also has to do a little repair on the burl that goes across the top of the foot board.  There’s a ding that needs a little work too but all in all, $160 wasn’t a bad price.  He’ll get entertainment from fixing it plus we get to actually use it!

We chuckled…he fixes the bed…I make the quilts.  It’s a win-win for us both.

Our daughter, Kalissa, who just graduated and will be moving out, wasn’t quite so sure she liked the idea of us buying a new bed.  The bed will be going in her bedroom and that means, her room, won’t be her room anymore.  It will be the guest room… it’s all part of the growing pains.

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20 thoughts on “A new “Vintage Bed””

  1. Ditto! Wow! Beautiful! Nothing like that is available around here so I’ve never seen anything like it before. Really beautiful!

  2. That is beyond beautiful…..it’s lovely, gorgeous, pretty and everything else. To me I can’t believe the price, looks like a great bargain. Can’t wait to see it with quilts on it. Enjoy your treasure.

  3. Beautiful bed. Chuckle, my daughter thought I should leave her room a “shrine” and not touch a thing. Well, after a couple of years it became my sewing room. – Not to worry, we do have two other extra bedooms for kids:)

  4. That was a great price for that vintage headboard. I have one that belonged to my late husbands grandmother. The only problem, my father-in-law cut the headboard down ti a regular height. Wish he had left it alone.

  5. Gorgeous bed. If I’d been there I would have had to bid against him. Here’s a thought, for what it’s worth. While he’s working on the bed have him fasten a long piece of angle iron on the inside of those side pieces where the slats sit to hold up the mattress & foundation. I had an old wood bed and one of the kids took a flying leap onto it, completely splitting the side piece. That old wood is dry and and can split easier than you think.

  6. Seeing this bed I did a double-take, I have an antique wardrobe (with full length beveled mirror) that is SO similar I’m going to go straight into the room and have a look when I get home this evening! It’s a piece I love and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with this bed.

  7. Beautiful!! I just love the “vintage” furniture…it’s what I consider real furniture…meaning WOOD!! I bought an antique china cabinet a few years back and it’s just gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. All the “new” ones were just huge & gaudy!!

  8. Lovely bed – walnut is so pretty! I’m with Linda in NE re the angle iron. Growing kids throwing themselves across our art deco bed every morning finally took its toll, but as the frame was angle iron & not wood, we managed to take out the bend by driving the car over it! Surprisingly, the car, tyres and bed survived. Wood plus angle iron sounds sensible, but then I am a ‘belt and braces’ girl…

  9. We have one that has been out 11 years and the other 1 month. My longarm is in the youngers room. And my Mom’s pencil post bed is in the other, officelly the guest room.! They dont think so. But, I remember when My mom did that to us. It is time.

  10. So gorgeous! Looks like the one my aunt had before she traded it for a plastic bedroom set. Loved that 3/4 bed and so wanted to inherit it. Someone in the Springfield, Missouri area certainly got one heck of a bargain! I love antique beds too – great find!

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