A New Sewing Buddy

Saturday our son Karl came home.  He was in shock because Kelli wasn’t home and then quickly said that he guessed it was his day to get to sew with me.

I just kind of laughed thinking he was joking and the next thing I knew…he was sewing with me!

He said he wanted a roll up bag from some of his boy things…jack knife, wet stone, etc.  That put me in a quick scramble…what fabric do I have for something like that.  I came up with this woven brown plaid from Goodwill.

You can see he’s giving my little Featherweight Betty a workout.

As he worked I worked on putting borders on a couple quilt tops that have been here.  It was so much fun getting to sew with him.

All in all he’s really happy how it turned out…and I am too!  I just forgot to take a photo of the finished product-UGH.

Regardless…we had lots of fun and hope to get another sewing day with Karl sometime in the future.  I’ll be so happy once we get moved into the house.  We’ll have a bigger space and more people can sew with us at a time.  Right now, my sewing room can only handle two sewing and even that is a tight fit.

Today I am thankful for my son Karl-named after my dad, Carl.  Karl is a strong constant in my life.  He’s the best listener ever.  Even though he is the fourth kid in our bunch, when he moved to college it was hardest on me.  I think it’s mostly because he is the one of the kids who is most sensitive for me.  If he saw I was having a bad day, he’d help a little more.  If he could see that my plate was a little full, he’d pitch in and help.  One day I will always remember..he came home from school and I was frustrated, he just said, “Come here…you need a hug”.  Karl’s a lot like me in that we both appreciate time alone, time to unwind and time to accomplish things on our goal list.  Both of us get frustrated if we don’t get enough alone time to wind down.  He is just one heck of a nice kid…Today I am thankful for Karl.

11 thoughts on “A New Sewing Buddy”

  1. That’s one sweet kid! I know you feel blessed to have him and the rest of your family in your life. Have a Quilty Day!

  2. I came by for the blog hop and wow did you bless my heart. Your son seems like he is going to make one heck of a husband! Congratulations on raising a fine young man!

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