A New Past Time

I don’t need a new past time….in my defense, this past time takes very little time.  I’m doing it partly as a way to learn but partly…just a past time.  So what is it?  Trolling Facebook Market Place for sewing machines.  It’s kind of fun.  I often have that five to ten minute time frame when it’s too late in the night to start something but to early to go to bed.  I find myself on Facebook Market Place.  I type in Sewing Machine at the top and oh, I treasure trove of machines shows up.  The machines are all ages, all makes, all models from old Singer Sewing Machines to new Berninas.  Me, I’m looking at the old machines.

At times I find myself laughing and laughing.

Here is an old Singer.  This is the description:  “Early 1900’s sewing machine. Very good shape. Must appreciate to purchase.”  I looked at it.  Of course, there is one picture and you’re seeing it.  No close up…No other images…no words mentioning if there are attachments.  Nothing else except the price.  $500!!  Now I understand the “must appreciate to purchase” phrase.  I’d say yes, before I spend $500 on a machine I will appreciate before spending that!!

Look at this poor girl.  Someone painted the cabinet.

Inside was a pretty girl though….  This description:  “Will entertain offers. Needs a new belt, can get on Amazon.  $150”

Oh…why did someone paint the cabinet??

Here’s one that will make you laugh!!Description:  “Singer sewing machine made in 1900- $81”

I’m betting this machine will NEVER sew another stitch.  Oh my….$81.  No thank you.

There are all sorts of brands….



Phoenix (I’d not heard of that before)

…and Minnesota to name a few.  Me, if I didn’t get a Singer, I’d get a Minnesota.  I was born in Minnesota and have a little attachment to Minnesota.  Why not a Minnesota machine??  (because I have not more room!!!)

Oh but it’s fun to look.

Another Minnesota girl…

This description:  “Old Minnesota brand sewing machine (prior to the company being renamed Sears Roebuck)! Beautiful intricate drawers that could use some TLC or display as is. There are also a handful of notions in the drawers. Pick up only as I can’t load and haul by myself!”

Hmm… I didn’t know Minnesota became Sears Roebuck.

Some people take excellent pictures (Minus the shoe on the upper left)

This lady had about 6 pictures.  I feel I could have bought that machine in confidence that the owner was being completely honest with what they knew.

Sometimes I see a picture like this…  Then I start guessing what model it is.  Right away I guessed a 99….

Yep.  I was right.  The description on this was only “In great condition, works.  $250”  That price I thought was a little steep.  I only paid $50 for mine in a cabinet.

Then I see this and say…”oh that has to be a 15-91 like my Julie”….Aw, poor girl is missing a plate.

Then I scroll through the pictures.  Wait.  Isn’t that her place in the drawer??  Oh people, put her place on if you’re trying to sell her.  She’s $100.  That makes mine a steal at $15…but wait, I didn’t get all the great accessories with mine.  I sure wish I would have!!

Then I see a machine like this and want to scream “take that pin keep off the the machine”.

That was a terrible trend that really scuffed up otherwise wonderful machine.  Proof…check this next machine out.  I’m positive this had a pin keep on it.  Look at all the scuff marks neat the letting “I” in Singer.

I adore the machine above.  Just think how much prettier she’d be had she not had a pin keep on her.  She’s $150.

Another pin keep problem…

Oh but her parlor cabinet was pretty.

I get such a kick out of some sellers….this is the only pictures and only description is “Antique sewing machine.  Western- $90”  Hmmm.  I need more if I’m parting with $90….and this picture?  I can’t show this to Hubby and convinence him I need to buy it.

Then there is the interesting.  This 15 series machine has a hand crank on it.  Hmm.  $200.

Then there is the out right laughable…. At least I laughed.  $800 for this Featherweight.  Here’s the description on this, “1950’s Singer sewing machine in its case with all of its accessories. It comes with a small foldable table too. It runs well. It is pristine. It was valued at $1000 16 years ago when it was purchased. We are selling it because my mom wanted it, but it has been sitting in a closet, therefore unappreciated, for too long! It needs to be in a home where someone will love it. ”

Let me just say this….Very few Featherweights will cost this.  Yes there are some rare ones but I’m doubtful that this is one.

A bigger laugh.  They want $950 for this one.  “Antique sewing machine. SINGER featherweight Centennial 221-1 electric, portable with carry case, attachments and instruction booklet”

If anyone is dying to have a Featherweight honestly…somewhere around $400 or less is a good price. They can be found on ebay for that price.

Then there are cabinets to admire.

…and then I look at the clock.  Darn.  It’s way past my bedtime now.   Oh well….that was fun.  Wasn’t it?  I love checking out machines (and cabinets) on Facebook Marketplace!!

4 thoughts on “A New Past Time”

  1. I love looking at vintage sewing machines on Facebook Marketplace too. I have my notifications on so I’m notified when a new listing in my area is posted. One thing that drives me crazy is when they have a picture of a machine down in the cabinet and all you see is the back. And, they don’t tell you what model or brand it is! Really?

  2. Bonnie Lippincott

    Looking at some of those prices, I’m glad I was able to get a really nice Singer 99 for $36 at an antique store here in Southern California. I wanted a sewing machine without all the attachments for my 24-year-old granddaughter. I taught her to sew when she was nine, got her a sewing machine when she was about 11. She lost interest and most of the attachments! Gave that machine to the fix it guy in case he needs parts. So I’m willing to pay $36 for a great little (HEAVY) machine she can’t lose the attachments for! No attachments.
    I do love her dearly, and I’m glad she wants to sew again.

  3. Actually, that rusty Singer could be brought back to sewing with time, lots of lubrication and elbow grease. and plenty of love.
    Many companies manufactured Minnesota badged sewing machines; Davis (the one in your photo), Goodrich, Domestic, White, and Standard. Personally, I’d love to have an Iowa sewing machine as I’m an Iowa native.
    When using my vintage and antique machines to make quilts, I feel connected to my mother and grandmothers who sewed beautifully.

  4. I love looking at the marketplace also. So many are overpriced and in poor shape. My great aunt purchased her new Featherweight for $99 from a door to door salesman!

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