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I’ve been on the look out for a good used sewing machine.  Once we get to the new house my studio will be upstairs but I am going to try to carve out a spot for a machine downstairs too.  In the laundry room just off the kitchen I have a small desk spot that I think will work.  Often when I am cooking at the house here I put water on to boil potatoes or am frying hamburger and quick run in the sewing room and sew a few seams.  I’d miss not being able to do that.  I had planned to use my Featherweight but part of me wanted something with a little more power.

In the quilting room at the new house I want two machines at a table so Kelli and I can both sew.  Right now I have my Pfaff Grand Quilter that I love and my Bernina that Kelli and I both hate.  I have that machine upstairs and use to patch pants and fill bobbins for the quilt machine.

Then my son Buck and his wife bought a house and now have room for a real sewing machine so he told me to keep an eye open for him.  He has in mind to do a couple Pinterest projects where people take old ammo bags and sew them into pillows.  He has a small machine that I don’t think will handle very big jobs.

So I was on the hunt for THREE machines….I love old Singers and have been holding out to find one.  I don’t want any of the machines to have a cabinet.  Last week, I found one….  I checked it over the best I could in the store and it looked like it might work.  For $15, it was worth a try.


It works like a charm and has a wonderful straight stitch!!

There is something wrong though.  There are no cams.  We can’t do the decorative stitches that the machine shows that it can do.  So..I don’t know who is going to get this machine.  I would be more than happy to keep it.  For $15 it is an awesome machine…I just don’t know if my son would like a machine that can at least zig zag.

For now the hunt continues.  I’ll keep looking and hopefully find a couple more machines for under $30.

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  1. LOL! I like how someone wrote ‘front’ on it! I’m guessing you guys all know which side is the front! Funny! Hope you find those cams!

  2. The Sherlock Holmes that you are, I bet you will find cams for it one of these days! Which Bernina do you have? I LOVE my Bernina 1130 and wouldn’t trade it for anything but it’s 30 years old so maybe that’s why I love it. It is a work horse and I’ve certainly worked it the last 30 years.

  3. It’s pink! :-) How often would you use the cams if you did have them? My mom’s old viking came with cams and so did my first machine that I inherited from Great-Grandma and I don’t think either of us ever used them.

    Or can it not even do a zig-zag without them? I’m not even sure if that would be a deal breaker as long as you’ve got other machines that can.

  4. Great machine for $15. Looks so nice and clean. Some of the old Singers will do a ZZ stitch by changing the stitch “Width” without a cam, try the lever in the pink above the tension dial. Stitch length is adjusted with the dial around the “R”. Happy sewing.

  5. Why don’t you sell the Bernina you both hate? I’m sure there is a Bernina lover out there who would love it. Then you could take the $$ and get a machine for downstairs. Why keep/move/store a sewing machine you don’t like?

  6. Can you tell me what year and model this is? I have a couple boxes of extra cams I picked up and would be glad to send to you if you think they might work.

  7. Martha Stockwell

    List ISO (in search of) on the sewitsforsale Yahoo group. You first have to join the yahoo group. I am getting ready to sell a fairly new serger there. Many things are found. It is used by lovers of vintage machines. I always find something interesting.

  8. Jo, if you will send me a closeup of the front of the beautiful pink singer or the model number, I know I have some cams that I no longer have a working machine for, that I would give to you if they will work.
    By the way, I try to read yours and Kellys blog daily, ,, LOVE IT, and like your contributions to quiltmaker magazine. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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