A New Giveaway from Lapel Sticks

I was recently in contact with the makers of a new to me product, Lapel Sticks.  I offered to do a review of their product if they would provide me with a Lapel Stick and some extra Lapel Sticks so that I could give them away to you!  They said yes….so here’s my review.


I was a little skeptical at first….the claim was that they work great with fabric and they don’t gum up the needle.  I thought..ya, right.  In desperate times, I have used a glue stick before and that was a gummy mess….how could this be different….well it was.  Over the last month, I’ve tried it here and there.  In the photo above I tried it when making the strap for a bag.  After I turned a tube right side out, I would normally hand stitch the opening in place before I top stitched…I didn’t hand sew.  I just glued the opening shut and went right to my top stitching.  It was quick, easy and if you’re wondering…the needle did not gum up.


Then the other night I was busy prepping this little wool piece I started working on.  I was using Steam a Seam 2 for this when three of the leaves and a couple of those yellow circles flipped upside down and the sticky part got all over my iron.  UGH!  I thought I would have to cut out new pieces….but no.  I grabbed the Lapel Stick and glued them in place.  They are staying wonderfully and the two that I have stitched down let the needle pass through them just as easily as the Steam a Seam did.

So my review….so far, I really like the product.  It’s definitely a THUMBS UP!  I am thinking that it would make a good product to send with my son to college this fall.  I don’t know how many times I am patching seams that have come apart…this would be a quick fix until he can make it home for me to do a real repair.  I am also thinking that I should send with my daughter to Prom….another place we don’t want any fabric misadventures.

If you want to know more about Lapel Stick, here’s a link to their website.   If you want to try it before you buy it, feel free to enter the giveaway….I have three Lapel Sticks up for grabs.  I will pick three winners on Tuesday so comment away….

60 thoughts on “A New Giveaway from Lapel Sticks”

  1. You are the second blog I have read to give the lapel stick the thumbs up. Thank you for giving us the chance to try it too! PS Love your beagle…my sister has two of them.

  2. Toni Anne Potter

    I’ve heard about Lapel Stick from another blog, that was trying it out. They also liked how it worked. I havn’t seen it around my neck of the woods yet. Thanks again for the 2 patterns and the X-blocks ruler, I was your winner a few weeks ago. Yey!!! I plan on trying them out, as soon as I have some free time. ;>

  3. Sounds neat! I am trying to find a new way for applique that is quick and easy, and this sounds like it might do the trick. Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  4. Amazingly enough, I have raised two non sewing girls – Can you imagine? It boggles the mind! LOL! Anyway, this product would be great for not only one of them but maybe my son who is always tearing something :-) Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a great product!!

  5. Would love a go at this too. Love new products that actually make our sewing adventures less frustrating!

  6. Thanks for the info! I’ve not heard of this product but looks like something useful in more than my sewing room. I’m eager to try it!

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  8. It sounds like it would be a good answer to sticking applique in place instead of using Roxanne’s glue and always having to unstop the needle type applicator.

  9. So far, the best recommendation seems to be how long you have been using it and it hasn’t dried out yet! i’ve never been able to get more than a few weeks out of regular glue sticks. That alone makes it worth trying IMHO

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  11. I would try this—I too have not been happy with stuff that gums up my needle breaking and/or shredding thread

  12. Teresa in Music City

    Sounds like a product I’d love to give a good try-out. Every time I come to a place where I think glue might be what I need, I hesitate because of the problems …. would be nice to find one that did the job without all the mess! Thanks for the opportunity to win one before I buy!

  13. I like to hear a good review about a product before buying. I think this is something I would definitely like to try. Sounds easier than Roxanne’s and better than the regular glue sticks.
    Thanks for the giveaway and review.

  14. Fantastic! You answered the question that was uppermost in my mind…and you said the needle did NOT get gummy! Whoo hooo! I want to try it!

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  16. This looks like something that would be great for the doll clothes I’m making right now. Lots of little pieces:) Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. One of my todos is to learn applique — and this sounds like a good product for using with Applique. Please enter me into the drawing as would like to try out this product. Thanks for the review ad too.

  18. I have been fortunate to have used LapelStick for the past year and keep finding new uses for it – and yes, I have used it to stick a sliding bra strap to my skin – amazing – so comfortable I completely forgot about it till I undressed and it popped off — no damage to skin (Lapel Stick washes off and is non-toxic and biodegradable). I also use it in place on pins on all my quilting projects…what a treat!

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