A New Foster Pup: Ozzy

I have news from the foster dog department. I got a message on Monday saying someone was wanting to surrender a year-old male Pomeranian. Was I interested in fostering?

WOW…Can you believe I had 2 1/2 weeks off with no foster dogs?? That has been a record for 2013. I counted and Ozzy is my 15th foster dog for the year 2023.

My sister had lots of poms over the years and I thought they were an okay breed. My dad had a pom too.

I, of course, said YES!! Through my fostering, I’ve learned that I like to foster older dogs more than puppies and the kids around here like me to foster puppies more than older dogs!! HA!

All in all, fostering has been awesome. I only have a few unpleasant experiences…like the poop and puke car ride. You can read that HERE if you missed it.

I found out this guy’s name was Ozzie. I ended up getting him on Wednesday. He was happy to jump in and be part of the household. He is a bit of a prince. He definitely has a bounce to his step. He is very photogenic. I had to get pictures of him so we could list him and I only snapped about five and these were the photos I got.

He is a year old and hasn’t been neutered so he was definitely full of testosterone. He had to mark a couple of times…which isn’t uncommon if males are intact.

Luckily he went to the vet the next day on Thursday. When he got back from the vet he was pretty groggy and slept much of the night. (Three cheers for Fredericksburg Vet Clinic for getting us in so quickly)

While he was at the vet, an application for him came in…WOW. They were an awesome fit. The family previously had an American Eskimo and lost him to old age at 18!! They were looking for a new buddy to love.

We had one hurdle to cross. Ozzy’s potential home had cats and we didn’t know how Ozzy would do with cats. UGH. I tried to think of someone who had cats so I could test him and remembered that Carla my friend from Longarm Quilting Inspirations has cats. So I messaged Carla and asked if we could come over and test him.

Thankfully Carla said yes. We came over and Ozzy did wonderful. I’m so happy. The new home was going to work out!!

So…Oswald (what I’ve been calling Ozzy) already has a home and will be leaving my home tonight but not before he had a chance to hang out with my grandson Gannon.

That is the quickest turnaround I’ve ever had with a dog…well maybe the corgi puppies were close. I’m so glad I am just a tiny blip in the life of Ozzie and he can quickly get to his new home and acclimate.

Sometimes I feel angry that people surrender their dogs…and then I see the happy faces of the new people that get the dog and my anger lessens. It was better for the original owners to let the dog go than for the dog to be in an unhappy home.

Ozzie now has the opportunity to be loved as a dog should. He has a chance to be in a home that is understanding of his age and development. He has the chance to thrive. He has the chance to, in turn, bring so much joy to his new family. So, in the end, I’m actually happy the people surrendered him. I just wish people who got puppies would take a moment to really think through their decision to get a puppy in the first place.

Happy Trails, Ozzy….I hope you and your new family have a wonderful life.

4 thoughts on “A New Foster Pup: Ozzy”

  1. Judith Donovan

    I agree with your comment about people getting puppies. So sad to see a young dog surrendered because “ they don’t fit in” or they are “too much work”.
    We adopted a senior Lab Mix 5 years ago and he is so wonderful. I am glad he is able to be in a loving, safe home to spend out his life.
    I admire you do much for fostering. Thank you!

  2. I sent in the survey but you must not have received it. Did you know that the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ labeled links are not appearing on any pages now?

  3. What a cute dog! I am not even fond of that breed, but they are so pretty. Our neighbor has one and the first year we lived in this house, he was a visitor which we hated because we were afraid he would get hit by car when running into street. Glad Ozzie has a new home.

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