A New Development

On March 21st I had the childcare kids outside to play and noticed a hole in my yard.

I took a picture of it because I wanted to send the photo to the neighbors as the hole was on the property line.

Well one week and a snowstorm later, the hole has gotten bigger.  Notice that a second hole has started.  This happened when Hubby was out bringing the garbage can in.  He saw the neighbor and told him to come over and see the hole.  Hubby stepped in the spot where the small is and sunk.

I snapped a couple picture for different angles and zoomed out so you can get a better idea of the hole size.  See?

They aren’t little holes.  

Hubby called the local guy who deals with this kind of stuff and he came over.  The thought is that this might be a spot where an old cistern was.  There used to be house on the property and there could have been a cistern on the north side of the house.  Being the second hole formed they ruled out the likelihood that it is an old septic tank.

We did talk to the neighbors and have agreed that it’s our problem to deal with especially now that the holes have gotten bigger towards our house.  UGH.

The guy who does this work will be coming in a couple weeks once the ground is fit.  He’ll be digging it out and figuring out the problem…then we’ll be filling it up again.  More lawn seeding will be happening this year.  I was so hoping we could go a year without it.

I’ll keep you updated on the ever changing hole.

10 thoughts on “A New Development”

  1. Wow, your very own sink hole! We had a spot in our side yard that kept sinking away, just not that big. Hubby kept putting dirt in it & it finally quit sinking, but we never did figure out what caused it.

  2. Wow! The folks I housesat for years back had a hole open up in their yard overnight — six feet across and probably at least as deep. I’m not sure if they ever figured out the cause, but things like that are scary. Don’t fall in!

  3. We had what some called a pothole in an alley. But when they looked at it, it had brick walls and was either a well or cistern or ??? Survived all this time until this year which is called pothole hell and the street broke above it.

  4. Wow that is indeed interesting. looks like the big hole is extending and that a third hole has started. Were you thinking of having a swimming pool? Looks like nature is starting one for you. Hope it does not end up being too expensive.

  5. Yes! Keep us up to date. A neighbor hood here in Austin has caverns under it. They are thousands of years old. They are deep at 20 feet. The city is investigating what can be done. So far only 3 houses are affected.

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