A New Combine…

Hubby’s boss bought a new combine.

It was bought before the we knew about the drought…before we knew the harvest would be dismal.

As far as farmers talk…she’s a beauty!  There are two seats…even a small refrigerator inside.  I like the two seat idea.  I am really hoping to be able to ride along a couple times this year.  Last year I waited until the last day….I don’t want to do that again.

Right now, there are lots of cameras to mount, instruction manuals to read and computer programs to learn.

Hubby is nervous and hesitant.  There’s always a learning curve to anything new….kind of like me with a new computer program.  We got rain yesterday…so the official start to harvest is delayed a day.  It will be another day or so and then let the combining begin after all, he wants to get done before our daughter’s November 17th wedding!

6 thoughts on “A New Combine…”

  1. That is huge. And yes, intimidating. About 20 years ago I got to drive the tractor to run the chemical for the soybean planting. My sister ran the planter tractor. It is a time I will never forget. My brother-in-law probably won’t forget it either. There may have been a few extra weeds in that years yield.

  2. This sure brought back memories. Shortly after I met my husband, I got to ride along in the combine in central Iowa on the family farm. You’re making me think of crisp fall evenings. :-)

  3. Just curious…is the farm you are on just a crop farm, or do you have dairy cows and/or beefers, too? I am enjoying your pictures of life on other farms outside the ones I am used to here in NY state. BTW, my brother sells those huge green combine monsters here. I think he’s in it more to play with the “toys”, although he would never admit it. LOL.

    Lisa :o)

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