A New Clothesline for ME!

Last year a remodel was done on the house we live in.  Our garage and entry went from this….


to this….


to this.


In the remodeling process I lost my clothesline.  I used to have four clothesline strings that ran from pole to pole.   Now I have this….


I really like it.  I have never had any experience with this style of clothesline.  I didn’t think it would hold many clothes but it does.  I have had five loads of wash on it.  I can stand in one place and the clothesline actually spins.  The whole thing can fold up into one straight piece.  It can also be picked up and taken inside.  We’ll do that over the winter when we aren’t using it.  We had looked for a nice sturdy line but couldn’t find one at the big box stores.  We ended up purchasing one at our local Ace Hardware.  The clotheslines are made in Parkersburg, Iowa.

I have retired my indoor clothes drying rack for the summer and am enjoying fresh line dried clothes. Now if the grass starts growing in thick it will be nice.

9 thoughts on “A New Clothesline for ME!”

  1. Lovely addition espcially like the entryway. I’ve asked Hubby for a clotheline several times over the years and still waiting. I’ll go check this out at our Ace. Thanks.

  2. Please send sunshine to the Pacific Northwest so we can use our clotheslines. :) The addition looks fabulous. I think if I ever have to replace my clothesline, I want one line yours. Don’t you just love the smell of sunshine in your clothes and sheets!

  3. Your clothesline is just like mine – and it’s great for hanging quilts on for pics! You can turn it to get the sun just the way you want it on your quilt….. PS your addition looks fabulous!!

  4. What a pretty transformation on the house. I wish that I could have a clothesline here but the sub doesn’t allow it. So I hang things from my garage door. I think that having a clothesline would look a little more attractive.

  5. You are lucky to have a clothes line out doors. Our Homeowners Rules say NO. I use coat hangers on the door ledges instead. Do miss the fresh out doors smell. Sandi

  6. Your house is looking great. Here in Australia nearly everyone has a clothesline. I actually have two! One out the back and one under the carport for wet weather.

  7. I MISS a clothesline!!! Wahhhh – I have a very small yard, a LOT of concrete, one excuse after another! when I want to freshen quilts I have to wipe down the deck rail and lay them there. However, that’s better than nothing.

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