A New Cabinet

So Sunday while I was trying to make sense of the wedding quilt Hubby was off at an auction.  We did visit a garage sale before the auction that I did go to but the auction he went to on his own.

He wasn’t gone very long at all when he called and said he was coming home.  I asked if it was a bad auction.  He said it was okay and that he had purchased $44 worth of goodies.  A person never knows what that means.  Then he went on to explain that he bought a cabinet.  He didn’t know if he should have or not…maybe I wanted it but maybe Kelli wanted it.  Well I never know to think of a statement like that.  He’s second guessing I can tell…so he comes home with this…

My initial thought…Kelli can have it.  It’s kind of ugly….

Then he opened the doors and started apologizing.  It was only $10.  WHAT..$10.  He said -ya…$10.  He said- I thought I was going to get it for $5.  They couldn’t get a second bid.-

Well now I wasn’t sure if Kelli should get it.  If you’ve been reading the blog you might remember that she’s working on organizing a sewing room and this might be what she could use…but now I was thinking it’s too cute to give to Kelli.


We are guessing someone made it for the lady.  It’s made out of cheap wood but it’s so cute…who cares..craftsmanship trumps cheap wood sometimes.  I can just imaging how happy the lady had to have been to have someone make this for her.

See how the cute little pattern “drawer” pulls out.


Can you believe the Gingher Scissor came with it too??


All the little drawers are just darling.


The bottom shelves pull out too.

Then I realized I hadn’t said anything to Hubby.  Then I praised him for his wise wisdom for bringing it home.  I told him I loved it.

Then like a good mom I sent pictures and measurements to Kelli.  I love it and will happily keep it but if it fits her hard to manage space I’ll hand it over to her.

Back upstairs I went to work on the wedding quilt…as I sewed I keep thinking-if Kelli doesn’t want the cabinet I could put it here but I’d have to move that there….I wonder if it would work..I wonder if it will fit in Kelli’s space??  It was a marvelous distraction.

So I’ll keep you posted…Maybe it will go to Kelli’s…Maybe it will go to mine.  Either way I do think it will get new door pulls and new wheels…but my oh my..I love it!


16 thoughts on “A New Cabinet”

  1. My hubby did something like that to me. He came home with the ungliest cabinet I had ever seen. After I asked him when it was going in the trash, he opened up the lid and pulled out a Featherweight that the owner had attached at the feet so it would fold down into the top. All of $25 and he bargained a little bit at the garage sale. Nice hubby.

    I bet that cabinet was made as a present for a wife. Lots of love and as much as the could afford in material. Must be a good story there.

  2. Oh my! Even tho the little cabinet is plywood it’s great! And the scissors are a bonus for sure. We don’t really like painted wood but I’m afraid I’d have to paint the little cabinet….You and Kelly are lucky girls for sure.

  3. What a marvelous cabinet!! So well made and thought-out! It could be used in the front room (nicely painted) because of the doors that close and hide everything. Congratulations to your Hubby!

  4. Wow someone put a lot of thought and love into making that cabinet. Great storage! I think it would be gorgeous with a quilt scene painted on the front or maybe some old fashioned stenciling around the the edges to brighten it up and hide the plywood. It can be turned from ugly to gorgeous. Another thought take the doors off and have open storage. He got a definite bargain.

  5. Cute cabinet, and if the gingher scissors need to be sharpened, you can send them to NC to their headquarters and they will sharpen them for $12. I did that with mine, and they are great again. I just had one little nick in mine, and they took care of it. I learned this from another quilting board.

  6. My first thought was – put some paint on that plywood. With that nice flat surface on front, it would be great for those wall decals. I always wanted to try those on something, but all my walls have texture and I am afraid the decals won’t work.
    The interior is smashing! Because the bottom drawers pull out, you could get some low wicker baskets to put fat quarters in. Or if you are being really thrifty, the bottoms of shoe boxes to put fat quarters in. :>)

  7. What a great deal! I was thinking if you did want to cover the wood, maybe a chevron wall paper or something. Lots of good ideas already given!

  8. Great find. Hope you gave him a hug. Depending on the height, could be used on top of a cabinet if not too deep. Also, could be turned upside down all the drawers would work either way, that way the shelves would be on top . Lots of ideas, only one cabinet. Have fun.


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