A New Addiction: Old House Dreams

When I was supposed to be working…I wasn’t.  It’s a confession that every person who works from home has to make now and again.  In my defense, Web Expressions the program I use to work on my website, www.makinglearningfun.com, wasn’t working quite right.  It was making me wait and giving me delays so I just thought I would read a blog quick….well one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had discovered a wonderful new blog, Old House Dreams.

Oh my, if you love old houses, watch out..you’ll be addicted too.  Check out some of these houses…


All of the houses are for sale.  It tells price, size and few other stats along with a few pictures of the insides.


Some are completely fixed and show wonderful homes….like this 1892 Queen Anne home in Kankakee, Illinois.


Some need LOTS of help like this Queen Anne in Skidmore, Missouri.

On some of these…don’t let the outside fool you though.  Inside, the woodwork is AMAZING.


Some are really fun to check like this 1905 Colonial Revival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It shows a current picture…

and it shows a picture from long ago.  Notice how the porch has changed??


If I had any desire to live in Minneapolis or spent $395,500….this home would be mine…just look….


Check out this 1927 Gate House in Chevy Chase, Maryland for $1,500,000.  It looks like it is from a story book.


This one is more my speed…a good old fashion 1905 Queen Anne…

that needs LOTS and LOTS of work!!

I’ve managed to waste quite a lot of time scrolling through pictures…but I have gleaned a bit of information.  I’ve looked at time period light fixtures.  I’ve looked at stair rails.  I’ve looked at decorating.  I’ve looked at lots of things and weighed whether it would look good in our old house or not.

I’ve also seen that what we are tackling with our old house make over is nothing compared to what some houses need.  The thing I learned most…the look of a house on the outside really doesn’t dictate the character inside.

Some people love looking at the website Houzz…All in all, for my taste, this site is much better.  The only problem is it isn’t easy to search.

Now don’t say I didn’t warn you….I spent an hour there my first visit and I’ve been back several times..don’t tell Hubby.  He thinks I am in the house slaving away..

10 thoughts on “A New Addiction: Old House Dreams”

  1. I love that Queen Anne house. There was one like it in my home town that I just adored. But I sure don’t want the work involved at this point in my life. The 1973 house I have is enough thank you very much. Our house before this was a 1920’s home and everything we tried to do ended up costing 4 times as much as we anticipated.

  2. That blog looks addicting, so I’m going to stay away. Some of the homes you listed remind me of some of the homes in my home town that have been torn down. What a shame that some people don’t see the beauty of these old structures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Absolutely WOW! I live in the UK and houses here are expensive and usually quite small – I was quite astounded at just how big and comparably inexpensive the properties on that site are. I could use up a lot of quilting time looking at them, but I shall resist looking (unless, of course, I’m tempted!)
    Happy Quilting

    P.S. I love my own little country cottage here really – I do mean little!

  4. Small world. I live in Kankakee Illinois. There are a lot if lovely old homes here. We even have a completely restored Frank Lloyd Wright home.

  5. Love those older homes. DH and I purchased one in the early 80’s, we totally renovated it, lived there 23 years (until our children were grown and married). Then we down-sized. It was so much fun, seeing ideas “come to life” with all the older woodwork, but lots of hard work too. It had the old southern “wrap-around” porch circling around 3 sides of the old 2-story home.

  6. I’m the new owner of a historic home built in 1871

    The 7′ tall, single pane, 4×4, double hung windows are being removed for archive

    Looking for the proper way of wrapping and crating them so no further damage occurs

    Thank you,

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