A Marathon Stitch-Along: Consider the Lilies

For me, the stars are aligning…

I’ve been wanting to have fewer UFO projects in my cross-stitch life.

I went to the thrift store and found a great frame for $2. You can read all about the fun frame story HERE.

I went to the Stitchery Nook and saw Consider the Lilies on display.

I have the piece Consider the Lilies started. It’s just a small start. I started it back in the fall with my daughter Kayla. My heart wasn’t in it at the time. She wanted to start it. I wanted to do something with her so I started it too. After a weekend of stitching, mine just sat. Here is where it is at.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is the piece. It’s large. If I ever get it stitched, it will by far be the largest piece I’ve ever stitched. The designer is Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.

Below is a really cool video Beth did as she was stitching the model. Every day she worked on it, she took a picture of her progress. She then took those pictures and put them together into a video. It’s so fun to watch.

In my cross-stitch life, I’ve learned that I like to have a plan. You might remember that I stitched the Apostle’s Creed. You can read more about it HERE.

When I stitched that I made a goal to stitch one line of words each week. Several of the weeks I stitched more than one line. I liked having the assignment. I like seeing progress.

I also stitched Anniversaries of the Heart. This is a series of patterns that I stitched all into one big piece. There were 12 patterns with two bonus patterns. I stitched all of that over the course of a year.

Again, I liked having the assignments. I loved seeing the progress.

Well, the other day I was thinking that I’d like another “assignment type” project. That got me looking at new projects I could start…then all of the stars aligned and I decided to pull out Consider the Lilies. I looked at the progress I had. I paged through the booklet with the chart. Hmm.

There are 24 pages to the chart.I looked at how much I had stitched…I looked at the chart.

In just the little time I stitched, I about had a page done. Um, WOW. Maybe this marathon cross-stitch piece was doable for me to stitch.

My idea was to approach it as I have the other “assignment type” projects that I have done. The chart is divided into 24 pages…so how about I make a goal to do one page every month. If I do that, it would take me two years to finish it. That is totally doable. As I said, the little I do have stitched only took me one weekend to stitch. I will still have plenty of time for other projects. If approached this way, this isn’t the monstrous project it looks to be.

I ended up talking to my daughter Kelli. She’s been wanting to start this. I told her my plan. She looked it all over, listened to my idea and she said, she was in. She’d stitch with me.

I told Kayla my plan and she thought she might stitch along too.

Well…if we three were going to be doing this, we thought we’d invite any else who wants to stitch along. Would you like to join in on the madness?? I sure hope a few of you do. It will make it more fun.

Instead of a start date, we thought we’d have a start month. I’m chomping at the bit to get going and so are the girls so the idea was to make July your start month.

Maybe you’re like me and Kayla and have it started. Maybe you’re like Kelli and have nothing and need to get supplies. If we leave an open start date of July, you can start whenever it works for you.

I am stitching mine on a 40-count Vintage Country Mocha. I wanted the easiest fabric to stitch on and that’s it for me. Stitching it on that makes the project 22 x 18. If you stitch it as suggested on 28-count linen with one floss thread it would be 31 x 26. HUGE! Whatever you stitch it on, you need a special cut of fabric. I just bought a fat half but if you’re stitching it on a different count you might need more.

I did call Liz at the Stitchery Nook. She said she would get something together if anyone wanted to join us. HERE is a link to the shop. Feel free to call or get help with ordering if you need it. The gals are always so friendly and willing to help.

I will likely skip around some and might not technically do a page a month. You know me, I like to stitch the border first so I might do that and then catch up on the pages. You stitch along however it is comfortable for you. The goal is just to have the piece finished in July 2025 or sooner.

Let the Marathon Madness: Consider the Lilies begin!!

29 thoughts on “A Marathon Stitch-Along: Consider the Lilies”

  1. Your anniversaries of the heart is still one of my favorites that you have stitched. Consider the lilies is on my bucket list. You got me back into cross stitch. It’s been lots of fun.

    1. I may stitch along with you. Right now I am nearing the end of In All Things Be Exceedingly Diligent by Needle Wirk Press. Next on my agenda is Smith Sampler by The Scarlett House. I have the companion piece His Eye is on the Sparrow kitted and ready to go. I also have the pattern for Consider the Lilies…oh, so many that I want to stitch!!

        1. Enjoy anything crossstitch yet have not participated for years. Multi reason yet this is an encouragement!!! Thank you!! Love your ideas of how to get started and keep commitment. Hope to hear more from you. I would likely first want to work with you guys but complete a project yet not finished. Would that be acceptable?

  2. I will cheer all of you on with Consider the Lilies. Anniversaries of the Heart is a very special one that I would love to do down the road. Yours is just amazing!

  3. Oh my, I have been wanting to do this but just about talked myself out of it due to size, time, etc. Now, you’ve broken all those barriers! Would we be able to share our progress on your SAL Facebook page? I’m sure I will need encouragement along the way. If so, I’m in!

      1. Yea! Already ordered the floss and pattern and have some cream Zwiegart on hand. Love the idea of a page a month. Can’t wait to start!

  4. What do you do with your patterns that you have stitched? Would you consider passing them on for others, like me to stitch and then either pass on again or back to you? I have been wanting to do the Anniversaries of the Heart and someone promised to pass hers on to me, but that hasn’t happened…

    1. HI Becky. I don’t mind passing on patterns but I no longer have Anniversaries of the Heart. I sold that set to a blog reader.

  5. I would love to stitch Consider the Lilies with you. I started it a year or so ago, and need to get back to it.

  6. I have this pattern and love it. Have been waiting until fall to make the start but, if there’s going to be a group, I’m going to be all in. I already have the linen and floss and am ready to go, except for time and motivation. The motivation will come from the group. The time, who knows. I believe the busiest people are the ones who make the time. Fun times ahead!

  7. I read that last line as “Conquer the Lilies” then had to laugh at how appropriate that was! I’m excited to watch your progress!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Wow that’s an awesome piece. It will be a joy to see your progress as the year goes along.

  9. A word of caution about patterns. I first bought the pattern as a PDF download several months ago from an on-line vendor. It was slightly cheaper. The legend didn’t fully match the pattern. In the end, the vendor refunded my money. I since have bought the print pattern and it is fine. Beth from Heartstring Samplery said the PDF pattern was an earlier version which has since been revamped and expanded. She prefers vendors not sell the old one but can’t stop them. My take, buy the print version to avoid a lot of frustration.

    1. I just bought mine (PDF) directly from Heartstring Samplery, It downloaded fine, but I can’t seem to get it to work with my Pattern Keeper software. No big deal though, as I can still use the PDF on my tablet. I am planning on starting as soon as my linen gets here.

  10. Love your “Anniversaries of the Heart”. I think your approach to “Consider the Lilies” is a good one. You have your goals but at the same time they are not too overwhelming. We all know what happens with stitching plans……they go out the window sometimes with another shiny projects comes your way. Good luck with your SAL. I wish I had it in my stash, I could start with you. I don’t dare buy another thing until a whittle down the number of fully kitted, yet-to-be-started projects i have stashed away in my sewing room!

  11. Betty Edwards

    Conquer The Lillies, I would love to join the group doing this. I have never done linen, I have kitted a project with 32 count and I haven’t started it yet. I believe I will be okay but 40 count I just don’t know about. Where is a good place to get fabric in the amount needed.


  12. I love doing cross stitch, and I must say I am a novice compared to you and what I see here for a huge project. BUT, you have stirred up my interest. I think I would like to take this on. I probably won’t make the deadline, but I love the idea of at least trying. I may be reaching out with questions, and some may seem menial so I will apologize now…thanks for the post and I’m reaching out to Stitchery Nook tomorrow.

  13. I just finished Maria Phinney by Shakespeare’s Peddler and got out Savior’s Praise that I’ve had kitted for a while. Then, I saw you finished Come to the Garden and ordered that. I want to change the verse like yours but I couldn’t find it. Now, you’ve got me thinking about Consider the Lilies! YIKES! I use to be a monogamous stitcher…haha :)

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