A Mail Day…and a catch up day.

Today I’ve spent trying to make some headway in my email…and trying to put together packages to send out.

You might remember some time ago I was planning a swap with blog reader Valerie. We are both wanting to make Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Oregon or Bust but have been wanting to do it the way Mary of Country Threads made hers. She used upcycled 100% cotton men’s shirts in the colors, blue and orange with a white background.

Finding orange shirts isn’t the easiest so Valerie proposed a swap. I was good with that but then we decided to wait until Mary pulled that quilt as part of her Dirty Dozen challenge. She pulled that number in March. Valerie was so good and sent me fabric for the swap right away. Me, I lagged. I’m so sorry Valerie. These are a wonderful prints she sent me. Look how nicely they are all ironed.

Today I decided the top thing on my to-do list was to get mine for her packaged and ready to send.

YEP. That’s my pile…not nicely ironed and folded all neatly. I went to get the iron and ironing board out and thought nope. I have to get this, and other things that have lagged done so they went as is. Sorry Valerie. You might never want to sway with me again.

I have my grandson Anders at the end of the week for childcare for a couple of days so…I’m hoping to start cutting this quilt out. We’ll see. As my Dad always said, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” HA! It’s hard to start on a new project when I have UFOs waiting for me already that are further along…but, this one is on my UFO list. So it’s okay to work on this on too.

I was trying to catch up getting other mail ready too. Being I’d be going to the post office I thought I should get some quilt tops sent out. Some time ago the Cresco Ladies came by with two bags of quilt tops along with these two quilts.

They donated one to the benefit for the inclusive park…the same benefit I donated the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt to and the other went to the local fireman’s breakfast here in town. I so appreciate them bringing them here for donation.

Sandra and the girls are so good and often bring me a couple of finished quilts that they let me donated where I know there is a need.

I never did get that batch of quilt tops out…then when I was in Cresco getting my taxes done, Sandra messaged me and asked if she could come to my house and deliver quilt tops. I told her I was already in town so we met and she handed the tops off to me…that was another two bags of quilt tops!!

So part of today’s job was getting them sent out to finishers. There are four bags of tops so I have some if anyone needs/wants any to finish. As I am sitting here writing, I know there are four people who currently are waiting for quilts tops. There will be more left over so if you would like to finish some quilt tops, please email me at joscountryjunction@gmail.com.

This is going to be a short post…I really want to get these things all done and I’m planning on walking with my friend Carla this afternoon. It’s another busy day…happily I like life that way.

Again…email me if you want/need more quilt tops!

2 thoughts on “A Mail Day…and a catch up day.”

  1. Good Morning Jo. One of my quilting groups could easily help finish some of the quilt tops that the Cresco Ladies made. We have been working to donate quilts to our local pregnancy center and one of the many Hospice houses in our county.
    Also, I was recently given a large amount of fabric yardage that I am anxious to use up on quilts.
    Thank you for considering sending some my way.
    Donna Weeks

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