A Long and Winding Road

Tomorrow will hopefully be my last trip to Lacrosse for awhile.  I’ve been there three times already this week.  Tomorrow is testing day so we will have to see what the results are and then we’ll know if the trips are over for a bit.

All of my trips started in early morning traffic which included school bus stops along the way.


The road I take brings me through Decorah and then up into Minnesota.


The roads curve with hills and valleys the closer we I get to the Mississippi.


This is farm country.


It’s the best kind of country I know.  I grew up in farm country, like now and farm country and never plan to leave it.


Red barns…white houses…a tractor or two in the field….it’s perfect.  A white barn or two is okay too.


Destination Wisconsin and to get there…I have to cross the Mighty Mississippi.


On the other side…Lacrosse.


I made it!!  It’s about and hour and fifty minute drive there…and the same back.


Once in town I head a few blocks along the river and I’m at my destination.


Wednesday my drive was almost for nothing.  As I pulled into the parking ramp I realized that I forgot my purse.  I had been talking to Kelli on the phone when I was going out the door and didn’t grab it.  This is a completely rare thing for me to do.  Misplacing my purse doesn’t happen to me.  I panicked for a second wondering what I’d do if I need a pop or gas…or anything.  Then I remembered the hidden check blanks I have in the truck.  I grabbed a couple and walked into my appointment.

I was there to take the Radio Active Iodine pill in the testing dose.  I got back quickly and sat in the chair.  The nurse asked for my ID.  WHAT??!!  Crap.  I remember from last time that I was suppose to have my ID.  I don’t have it.  I was panicked and said I didn’t have my purse.  She looked at my busy bag questioningly.  I explained that I meant my wallet.  She said she didn’t think I could get the pill…NO.  I can’t have to drive back and forth again to get my wallet.  Oh no.  She told me she would talk to her supervisor.

She didn’t get a hold of her but came back into the room.

I suggested that the receptionists at endocrinology could likely vouch for me.  I had been there twice already this week.  Then I remembered the check blank.  I showed it to her only to realize that the address on the check blank was my old address.  Well a-ha.  My name is on my phone….nope.  It says Jo Kramer…not my real name Jeanne Kramer.  UGH.  Then I was to the point of pleading.  I said I could recite my medical history from last year….I was about to start in when I said, do you really think I would fake this so I could take these pills for fun?

She relented with a stern warning that I better have my ID with when I returned on Friday.  Yes, yes I will.  I will have it for sure.

So I walked in, swallowed two pills and got back in the truck and started my drive home.

Tomorrow morning Hubby’s coming with.  I have to do a scan..then a blood draw and then I meet with my doctor.  My fingers are crossed for all good reports.  If it’s good I come back in six month for a follow up…it’s not the full extensive test I did this time but still another trip.  If the results are bad, that means the cancer returned and I’ll be taking the big dose of radioactive iodine and be under quarantine again.  I’ll let you know tomorrow night what I find out.  So far all indications look good as I got a clean report six months ago.

Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement.



28 thoughts on “A Long and Winding Road”

  1. Sending thoughts of health, peace and acceptance your way. I smiled when I saw the pictures of La Crosse. My #3 son did his Masters degree there so when I visited him, I got the tour of places that college kids see, not the tourist stuff or the grownup stuff. I sure had fun!

  2. Hoping for only the best possible outcome. And a successful departure with all the necessary items for your trip.

  3. Hoping it all turns out well and prayers for a healthy end to all of this. Love seeing the pictures of your drive to Lacrosse, its familiar ground for me.

  4. Wishing you all the best. I’m always impressed with your positive attitude in the face of so many problems. I am a little concerned though that you were taking those pictures while driving. In my state using a handheld phone while driving is against the law. Please be safe, I don’t want you to have any more problems. God Bless!

  5. Years ago when one of my brothers went in for a colonoscopy, he had to show ID. This was back when they first started checking ID. He was so disgusted. He asked the nurse if she really thought someone would cheat to get one of those! lol!

  6. Take a picture of your ID with your phone and create a folder to put it in. That’s what I did with my mother’s info so I always had it handy.

  7. Praying the best for you. Loved your pictures of the countryside. I grew up on a farm in ND and love that landscape.

  8. I have a notes app on my iPhone that allows me to password-protect individual notes. It also will store photos. My husband sometimes misplaces his medical cards, so I took photos of the cards and have them on my phone, behind a password. I’m sure there’s an Android app that will do the same thing on your Samsung phone.

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