A Little Yard Sale Fun : UPDATED

Have you heard?  Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville is hosting a Yard Sale and I thought I’d join in on the fun….Here’s what I cleaned out of sewing room that you can purchase.

The Garage Sale has been CRAZY busy….I sold out of LOTS of things.  I will have have more shirts next time Bonnie does garage sales.  I am updating again with a few more goodies….I keep updating so check back.  Check over at my daughter Kayla’s site.  She has some vintage sheet fat quarter packs that would make a GREAT Floribunda quilt along with other goodies.  Here’s a link to her.

Here are the left overs from my Terrrain quilt.  There are 19 layer cake halves there along with extra fabric.  $15 includes shipping. SOLD


Here is a fat quarter bundle that has 15 different prints.  There are floral prints in this and would look great for Bonnie’s Floribunda.  $25 includes shipping. SOLD


Here are the truck pieces I used to make this quilt….There are enough here to make two baby quilts.  $7 shipping included. SOLD


Quilt Book Mosaic Memories by Marty Walker  $6 includes postage.


Here is “A Winter Gathering”.  It’s a Country Stitches pattern.  The project is really quite far along.   It  just needs details added to the snowman.   The “tongues” that go around the edge are included.  I’d like $23 includes shipping.


Here’s a turn over of Snippets.  It includes a 1/2 yard of the strip and 1 1/2 yards of the orange floral.  I’d like $22 includes shipping. SOLD


Here is a UFO that I lost interest in.  It includes 5 full fans, four half fans and four quarter size fans. I will part with it for $22 shipping included.  It would make a cute little girl baby quilt….  SOLD


This is Emilie Richards Quilt Along with Me Wedding Ring Version…there are some cute Sunbonnet Sue things in there….  $6 includes shipping. SOLD


Here are the things needed to needle felt.  I tried it once and don’t know a thing about it.  $7 shipping included.


Here is Alphabet Soup from Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer.  There are lots of cute projects in there.  $8 includes shipping. SOLD


Here’s Piece of Pie by Pie Plate Patterns….This one has lots a great layer cake friendly patterns.  $8 includes shipping.  SOLD


Here’s Stir Crazy from The Buggy Barn.  I had good intentions but next made anything….  $8 includes shipping.  SOLD


This is a Country Threads pattern and starter kit for the wall hanging “Winter Fun”.  It finished at 32″ x 44″.  The center of the quilt where the snowman is features applique (I think that’s why I didn’t make it) The original price was $60.95.  I willing to part with it for $34.00 + shipping.  All the original pieces that came with the kit are there. SOLD


Next up is another quilt starter pack and pattern.  This one is for Star of Wonder.   The kit was $34.95 and pattern $6.75.  It finishes at 25 1/2″ x 39″.  It too features applique.  (Notice a theme of applique going on here?)  I am willing to part with this for $20.00 + shipping. SOLD


Here is Fons and Porters book, “Stars and Stripes Sampler”.  Original price was $19.95.  You can have it for $5 postage included. (Notice applique, yet again) SOLD


Next up is a box of recycled shirts.  This is a box of FIFTY pairs of sleeves only.  These are great if you are a Bonnie Hunter fan and love making quilts from her Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green” or her Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green books. This is a great way to add variety to the shirts you already have.  One of the sleeve set is short sleeve.  The rest are all long.  A few of the shirts are women’s but the overwhelming majority are men’s. I am asking $20 + shipping for 50 shirt sleeve pairs. All fifty sleeve sets can be seen in the photo.  SOLD


Next up are the fronts to those same shirts.  Again a few of the shirts are women’s but the overwhelming majority are men’s.  I am asking $20 + shipping for 50 shirt fronts.  If someone would want both boxes of recycled shirts I would take $38 + shipping for BOTH boxes. This box doesn’t photograph as well, but you can look at the photo of the shirt sleeves (above) and see the variety.  SOLD


The SLEEVES and FRONTS were snapped up in a matter minutes.

I have also decided I will part with the backs of these same shirts for $40 + shipping. SOLD

I do have a box of of the 50 yokes that I will sell for $6 + shipping. SOLD


I also put a box of miscellaneous pieces together…some fronts, some sleeved…14 total.  I’ll take $10 + shipping for those. SOLD


There you have my goodies that are up for grabs.  If you are interested, please email me here rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  I will take the offers on a first come first serve basis.  You can pay through good check or PayPal.

I am starting a campaign to redo my sewing room.  (this is a 5 year goal)  I need to clean out a few things in order to make that happen….Thanks for helping me accomplish that!  Don’t forget to go check out other Yard Sale goodies on Bonnie’s site.

14 thoughts on “A Little Yard Sale Fun : UPDATED”

  1. You are right…too early!! Allergies bothering me and thought I might as well fix a cup of tea and stay up!! I have never done yard sales like this either…no matter….it should be a lot of fun!! Good luck….I am thinking about those sleeves….will let you know later this morning when I am awake!

  2. Do I post here or email you? I would like the Star of Wonder kit. One of my goals this year is to improve my applique skills and the only way to do that is to applique and I love that pattern. Also, how do I pay you? Paypal or certified check or ???

  3. I would like to buy the alphabet Soup book.
    Let me know….I don’t do pay pal but can send you cash or a check.

  4. One question first: Do you have cats?
    I am severely allergic and so can not buy anything that comes from a house with cats. If you do not have cats I would like:This is Emilie Richards Quilt Along with Me Wedding Ring Version…there are some cute Sunbonnet Sue things in there…. $6 includes shipping. I will be gone to a class for a few hours but will check my email on my phone.

  5. Man, you cleared out a TON! The linky is still live until Friday or something like that, so feel free to keep adding stuff….I’ll keep telling people to check back ;c) Would you do it again? Another time?

  6. Jo, i’m very interested in your ‘terrain’ layer cake and scraps, if still available. i can do paypal. no blog but i do read them. thanks. patti

  7. Terrain leftovers: I will stand as a backup to Patti ^^^^^ and gladly give you $15 via PayPal for the Terrain layer cake halves and scraps.
    Please email me if you find any other scraps from Kate Spain’s fabric lines that would blend with Terrain. I am making a quilt with the more current line called “Good Fortune” and I think it’s looking a little boring. I’d like to add more variety of prints but still stay with the same colors more or less. Thanks.

  8. I’d be interested in your Mosaic Memories book if it’s still available. I live in Ontario, Canada but could send you the money along with postage if you like. Just let me know. Thanks! Heather

  9. looks like you made out good on your garage sale!! :) One of these months I’m gonna have stuff listed too…. once I get fully unpacked in the new home.

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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