A Little Visitor

I was up in the quilting room working on a project when I got some visitors.  Kalissa and Carver had been on a walk and stopped by to see if I wanted to go.

I ended up showing Kalissa something I was working on but it was so hard as Carver was getting into things….as you know a sewing room isn’t the best place for an 18 month old.  So I grabbed down my clips and this is what Kalissa did.  She clipped them all over Carver’s clothes.  He laughed and giggled and then started taking them off….

What a cutie.

He put them in the basket as he took them off and Kalissa and I got five minutes to be able to talk without chasing after him saying “No-NO!”

So if you have an 18 or so month old and need five minutes of peace in your sewing room…take your clips and clip them all over his clothes.  Hopefully it will work for you too!

7 thoughts on “A Little Visitor”

  1. Another great use for those handy dandy clips! Love them. And Carter is such a cutie. So glad he lives close by and you get see him often. Enjoy!!!

  2. Wonder if this will occupy a busy just too busy almost 20 mos grand daughter in my kitchen & my desk ? Carver is such a cute little guy!

  3. Love this idea! I’ve been known to give them a piece of tape to play with when changing a squirming little one. Just have to make sure they don’t eat it, but keeps them busy for a minute or two.

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