A Little Visitor

On Wednesday Kalissa went to Cedar Rapids to our son Buck’s house to take care of his kids for the day.  Buck has a part time nanny for Lucy and Scotty but she’s going to college so her days fluctuate that she needs off.  Lora’s mom is great and picks up most of the days for them.  Buck usually gives all of us a list of days that they need help and Kalissa has been great at picking one up.  Kelli has gone.  I’ve gone and I am guessing that now that summer is here and Kayla is off she’ll pick up a couple days.

I love the pictures Kalissa sends…what’s not to love?  They are my grand kids after all!!

Here’s Scotty and Carver playing.

She sent a super cute one of the two of them on potty chairs but decided to keep that one private.

Here’s little Lucy.

What a cutie!!

Best of all about Kalissa’s trip down to take care of the kids…She brought Scotty back!!  Here they are on the way home.  See?

So Wednesday night she brought him back to our area and took him to the parade.  Craig and Kalissa were suppose to ride the fire truck in the parade so they threw Carver and Scotty in the truck.  They were at the beginning of the parade so they jumped out of the truck at the end and then watched the rest of the parade.

The boys rode on the carnival rides.

Then is was bed time.  There will probably be another Scotty post coming again.  He’s such a great little guy.  I’m so glad they let him come for an extended visit!!  I’m hoping it’s the first of many more to come.

4 thoughts on “A Little Visitor”

  1. What great memories for the boys and I love a hometown parade and all the fun it brings to town. Riding on a fire truck is perfect for any kid and all those rides! Woohoo!!

  2. I love how committed your family is to one another. Someone is in need? Someone who is able, drops what they were doing to help out. You’re all relatively close together and that’s so awesome!

    Your grand boys are so stinkin’ cute. So happy you get to enjoy them with frequency :-)

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