A Little Trip to the ER

Sunday started out wonderful.  Hubby and I were both up early and determined to tackle some things at the house.  We were working along.  I was trying to get the rest of the screws out of the upstairs bathroom floor while Hubby was building a basement cellar door.

The neighbor came over to see what we were up too and talked with Hubby a bit.  I continued working while they chatted outside.  Then I heard the saw start up again and I got a sick feeling and stood up.  Just as I was standing I heard Hubby call, “Jo, you better come down here.”  The sick feeling got worse.  I ran down the steps and as I passed through the dining room, I grabbed a clean rag that I had there to use for cleaning.

Just like I suspected.  Hubby had hurt himself.  I can’t explain the foreboding feeling I had as I heard the saw.  I just know I had it.  From the way he was holding his hand, I knew it wasn’t good.  I handed him the towel to wrap his hand, grabbed Ruby and off we went home.  When stopped at home, we both changed our shirts and put Ruby in the kennel.  As I was running back out the door, I grabbed my stitching bag not knowing how bad it was or if we’d have to travel on to LaCrosse to a bigger hospital.

As we were driving, I started asking how bad it was..what he was doing when it happened and all the details.  He was using the circular saw cutting a board.  He cut the right pointer finger (yes, he is right handed) and the top side on his middle finger on the same hand.  He thought he probably cut it to the bone…(yep, I winced a bit too.)

This, for the record, is my third such trip with him to the ER.  The first was his right fore arm..26 stitches outside and some inside.  The second was his left hand middle finger.  That ended with surgery and re-hab and a finger that still doesn’t bend right. Those were farming related and covered through workman’s comp.

As I was driving I started to realize how dirty I actually was.  I was covered in sweat mixed with sheet rock dust.  My fingernails were caked with dirt under them.  I hadn’t showered.  I was wearing my oldest clothes and are all stained and disgusting…then I remember, this wasn’t about me.

We got him to the urgent care/ER window.  The receptionist asked if he could bend his finger  thinking this would decide if he went ER or urgent care.  He unwrapped it, tried to bend it and blood shot out of it (just like a little boy peeing when you change a diaper).  He could bend it though.  We got it all covered back up and he went to urgent care and I went to the waiting room.  He later told me that the urgent care doc took one look at it and said nope..to the ER.

Two hours later, I had done some stitching on my Fit to Frame Along block, called the kids and picked up some antibiotics.  He did cut to the bone, again cutting through the tendon.  There is no chance to fix it with surgery as it is not a clean cut.  He will be able to bend his finger at the middle knuckle but not at the upper knuckle.  He goes back to the doc in 15 days to get the stitches out.  It’s a longer period than normal because as I said, it is not a clean cut.

I have no idea how he does it but not once did Hubby cry, moan, complain, or even wince for that matter…no once-not even for a blink.  The only thing he said through it all was….”dang, we didn’t have time for this”.  I would have had tears in my eyes before I knew it hurt.

We went back home, ate some left overs and then went back to the house in town.  I thought we were just going to clean up but no..he wanted to work on the house.  Thankfully the neighbors and then friends stopped by and then invited us for supper.

…on a side note, as I was stitching in the waiting room at the ER, I looked down and my legs desperately needed shaving.  I have never been more embarrassed about my appearance in town.  As I was walking through WalMart, I had this awful feeling that I was being filmed and would end up on that website The People of WalMart…but again, this isn’t about me.  But boy did I feel disgusting.

We accomplished so little today.  Hubby and I both are a little sad about that but both very, very thankful that his injury wasn’t worse.

22 thoughts on “A Little Trip to the ER”

  1. Been there, done that!! My phone call came while I was in the hog barn choring…”honey you better come home. I got my fingers in the belt and pulley of the auger” and then he hung up. I was 2 1/2 miles away!! Some really terrible thoughts ran through my mind as I drove…remember, I am an EMT so am imagining him still caught and needing my help to get him loose. I didn’t know whether to stop at the house or drive directly to the bin site. Decided to stop in the heated garage and get my EMT bag and low and behold he was standing at the sink in the garage. I ran in the house and grabbed clean towels and we were off to Rochester. Nope, I didn’t even take time to change my “Stinky” clothes. I kicked my rubber boots off and slid on my gardening clogs. I sat in the room with him in the ER so at least I didn’t offend people in the waiting room. Now that I think about it, maybe it helped us to get seen right away :) Hubby went to surgery to finish amputating end of one finger and reattach another. Thank God for cell phones. My kids brought me clean clothes and brought their dad his CPAP for after surgery. At least my husband hurt is left hand while he is right handed. This happened on the first day of corn harvest…nasty timing!

    Tell Roger he has my sympathy as these fingers will be tender for a long while!!

  2. I hated reading this…but I continued on and was glad to hear outcome not as bad as I thought it could be. WHEW!
    As for WalMart….you actually fit right in back where I used to live especially if you went in PJS!!! I kid you not!

  3. Oh JO! i’m soooo sorry for both of you. I know that it could have been much worse, but this is bad enough as it is. You’re both in my prayers that good will come from this, and that your EMT and Fire community will surround you with help and love in the days and weeks ahead. (((MEGGA HUGGS))) for both of you!

  4. Hey, Jo…I am just glad that he and you are OK…and I will be right there with you with the “People of Walmart videos, the way I look today after housekeeping all day!!

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your hubby’s accident. I pray it heals well and in good time. I know you feel badly as this will probably slow down your work on the house, but it will get done when you have time. Sending hugs and happy thoughts.

  6. So sorry to hear about your hubby’s accident! It sure couldn’t have come at a much worse time but at least you were there to drive him to ER and support him. Don’t worry about the house, the jobs will still be there waiting for you. Take care of that hand and here’s hoping it heals quickly. Hugs to you both.

  7. Pat C in Washingon

    My gosh, is there such a thing as an accident that comes at an “opportune” time? Nope. Only when we are on deadline, right? Hopes and prayers and healing thoughts heading your way.

  8. So sorry that he got hurt at all. The people who mind how you look/smell don’t matter, and the people who matter don’t mind! You stood by your man, that’s what counts! Hugs!

  9. I’m sorry Jo…I REALLY am… but your hairy legs in Walmart made me chuckle! I’m glad you have a sense of humour in the midst of chaos!! My guess is you looked great!! Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!!

  10. Hi Jo!
    I think you both accomplished a lot! You both prevented loss of limb and life, you were there for each other to demonstrate your love, caring and commitment and you showed it to the neighbours first hand! Full day in my book and not seen in many others!
    Good luck with it all!
    Take care, Leslie

  11. So sorry to hear about the accident. I’ve just been following your blog for about 4 months now and I love to read what you share about life and quilting. I look forward to your posts each day. I can relate to your tale of whoa. About 8 years ago on Christmas Eve I was preparing for Christmas Day at our house and just had to make ONE more batch of cookies. I washed a knife I was using to cut some dough and instead of blade out to dry I was rushing and had blade in while I wiped the blade with my towel. Needless to say I screamed and grabbed my hand. My husband (a firefighter and EMT) who thinks I overreact came in to see what was going on. He asked to look at it (I didn’t even look because I would have fainted!) and all he said was….kids put your boots and coats on, let’s go. I sliced in pretty deep on my right hand middle finger. The ER is quite the place on Christmas Eve and an interesting place to spend a holiday ;c) The kids tell that story still today. My son in particular thought it was cool watching me get stitched up and how I was always giving people the “finger” the way my hand was wrapped! Good luck with the healing, I know how tender healing fingers can be. You both work so hard so be sure to take care of yourselves. Sending best wishes to all.

  12. Glad to heard all is ok. I am the same way your hubby is. Sliced my finger vertically between my finger nail and the bone. The numbing shot hurt worse than the wound. Some times shock is a good pain killer. Take care and don’t sweat the small stuff. You still have each other.

  13. I’m glad it wasn’t worse…but it was bad enough! Prayers for a quick recovery for him. Maybe he needs some gloves that can’t be cut through with a saw…early Christmas present??? (But who is the present really for, him or you!!)

  14. Sorry to hear about your DH accident. Sending healing prayers and hugs for both of you. I’m big on First Aid kits; one in every car. Buy one, or make your own with a shoe box to keep at the “new house”.

  15. Jo, with my few and poor words I just want to tell you how much I understand the feelings that you explain so well. Best wishes to your dear husband for recovering. Hugs to both of you.

  16. Oh! That feeling that runs thru the pit of our stomachs! I understand how they(husbands) operate…Mine was working with an exacto knife.(excuse my spelling). He sliced his hand thumb area straight down into his palm. I grabbed my keys and he says” wait…I have a butterfly bandage let me try that”. It was 2”inches long! He took a tylenol then went back to work. Alot of our husbands are “strong like bull”. There’s work to be done…As they’d say!

    As for you….You were working, and hard working at that! When showing up in the ER they don’t care what you look like! An emergency is an emergency.

    Wishing him a speedy recovery!!!

  17. I am a huge believer in the gut feelings and good for you to remain calm enough to gather items for the waiting room AND drive there! I’m sure a calm DH helped you through the day more than anything else. A rough situation, but maybe a sign to slow down, as well? The house can be “under renovation” for a long time and no one will really notice but you. Although I can say that after 5 months of most of our stuff in the shed, it’s been awesome to move the bedroom stuff back into the house….the dining room’s still empty and the kitchen’s only got the bare essentials, but I’m a happy momma sleeping in a bed (not on the floor!) with clothes in the closet!! Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  18. So sorry to hear about the accident. I understand. About a month ago my oldest son (40) was working on taking the box off his small truck. The metal was all rusted with lots of large holes, He reached through a hole and was going to put his finger on the bolt head to see if it was turning. Long story short, it tore a hunk of metal loose and cut his right index finger from side to side on the fingerprint side, looping down past the first joint. He cut the artery and was spirting blood. His wife took him to the local hospital and the dr stitched him up. He had severe pain every time he touched the end of the finger. Said that it felt like sparks were shooting from his elbow. He put up with it for about 10 days and then went to Iowa City to a specialist and was in surgery the next morning. The dr here had stitched the end of the nerve to the bleeder, so everytime he moved his finger the nerve was moved also. They reattached the nerves, fixed the tendon and cleaned up the ragged scar area and put him in a cast for 2 weeks. He was just released to go back to work after 6 weeks off. His job is heavy lifting and very tough on hands. He said the worst part of the whole thing (other than financial) was he was so bored. Hope your husband heals well and fast.

  19. Yikes! DH had a similar accident one Christmas Eve. Circular saw ran across the back of his hand. He came to the door and just leaned against it. He had wrapped a rag around it. I just looked at him and asked him, “Do we need to go to the hospital?” He said, “Maybe” Oye. Came back home after stitches and went right back to work…just like yours. Our boys are cut from touch stock, aren’t they? Hope your DH’s hand heals quickly. He sounds a lot like mine.

  20. Seems like farmers get all kinds of injuries that require a trip to the ER. We used to say that the only time my dad got caught up on his rest was when he got an injury. He has had his back out a couple times, cut his middle finger on a barn cleaner chain and severed the nerve, kicked by the neighbor’s horse that got in with the cows and broke a rib, fell from a roof and broke both ankles, slipped on the ice and broke ribs, and more. Praising God that his injuries were never life threatening. Will keep you and your hubby in our prayers.

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