A Little TLC

Sadly news in the Kramer family…Early last week my son Buck was getting out of the shower, slipped, fell, and broke two ribs. UGH. Nothing takes a strong man down like broken ribs. I saw it in my Dad. I saw it in my husband…and full circle, now I’m seeing it in my son. Broken ribs are the worst.

He is at the point where coughing kills him. Even burping will bring shooting pain.

Buck and Lora his kids’ mom aren’t together so luckily the first couple of days Lora had the kids. But later in the week he was supposed to pick up their youngest from childcare. Lilly is four so she can do a lot herself. Buck was sure it wouldn’t be a problem. I warned him and told him that I thought it would be. He called me later and said I was right. Lilly could crawl into her car seat but couldn’t completely buckle herself. The bending and twisting to do that was tough…plus even driving is hard.

In our family, my son Karl and I are the most flexible. Karl has zero attachments and I just have the dogs so Karl and devised a plan so that we would go see Buck and he could still have the kids on his days even though his rib situation was a mess.

There is nothing worse than being laid up, in a house that needs tidying that you can’t do and not being able to have your kiddos around. Karl and I couldn’t do anything about his ribs but we could do something about the tidying and the kids.

Karl went on Friday night and helped with the kids. You all have seen that Karl is SUPER Uncle for all the kids. They all love him. In fact, when we were at the restaurant on Saturday Lilly, who is four said, “Yep, I have two dads…Uncle Karl and Dad.” What a lovely compliment to Karl.

I came on Satuday stopping along the way to pick up some groceries. I bought some of the heavy things, laundry soap, milk and the like. I also bought some lunch meat and bread…something that would be easy to eat and quick to fix.

I stayed for the day but while I was there I helped catch the laundry up, switched seasons for clothes, and did a little reorganization. There is no way at this point with his broken ribs that he could do laundry. He has a front-load washing machine. The opening is so close to the ground. I have to be on my knees to be able to grab the clothes out. There is no way he could do that.

He got some new organizers for the kids’ clothes. It’s just some open cubby-type things. I showed the kids how to organize everything. Bottoms on the bottom shelf, shirts in the middle, socks and underwear at the top. Even little Lilly was doing it. Bucks kids are so good about organizing and taking care of their stuff. I did the folding and they did the putting away. It was great.

The other thing he wanted help with was to get the plants repotted. You might remember that Mary from Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog sent me plants to give to him. Well, he got them home and just a few days later is when he fell and broke his ribs. Hefting potting soil is not something he should be doing…so I helped!

Buck is so good with plants. I don’t know if it’s his good lighting or what…He got plant starts from me for both the Swedish Ivy and the Wondering Jew. Both of his plants look better than mine!

I’m so impressed. He likes things that grow fast though…he’s no big on waiting for African Violets to propagate. HA!

Spot was a good boy the whole time I was there. You might remember that I had him as a foster dog. I saw how good he was and immediately knew Buck needed him.

As I was getting ready to go, I realized that I didn’t really take any pictures while I was there. I was too busy trying to do all the things that would be helpful and hanging out with the kids in between.

So I found the kids and snapped a couple of pictures…

Here is Lilly showing off her Barbie. She has grown so much in the last few months. She was a late talker but you would never know that now.

Lucy was busy climbing the tree. Buck wants to cut down the tree as it’s in tough shape but the kids love it.

Scotty was playing in the mown grass. He was loading it up and playing farming.

Lilly was so insistent that we didn’t have picture of me or her Dad so she took my camera and snapped one of each of us. HA!

Of all the pictures I took, this one is my favorite.

Before long, I needed to head home. Kalissa, my daughter, was helpful and had let the dogs out once during the day but I needed to get home to let them out again. Karl had gone off and did his thing during the day but was coming back to help with bed time and getting the kids to their moms house the next day.

I was driving home thinking about how the day had played out and was listening to my audiobook. I stopped at the grocery store so I’d have something for my lunches to take to work the following week and I filled up with gas.

As I got closer to home the sky was just beautiful. I snapped this picture.

I was planning my week with the intention that I’d like to go back to Buck’s house the following weekend. I figured he’d still be needing a little help.

About then I met a sheriff’s vehicle…he turned his lights on and I had to pull over. I honestly didn’t think I was speeding-speeding.

Let me explain. In Iowa, the speed limit is 55. No one in the rural area drives 55. No one. In fact, I’ve heard police officers say, “Under nine, your fine. Over nine, you’re mine.” So I typically drive about 63mph.

The officer came to my window. He told me I was going 63mph. That didn’t surprise me at all. I handed over my license and registration. Then I sat.


Would I get a ticket? Would I get a warning?

I was pulled over and waiting with nothing to do so I texted the family message group. I sent the picture you see above. Kalissa quickly messaged back, “Cry. It’s worked for me twice.”

Kelli who was at work as a nurse wrote, “Appendages crossed for only a warning ticket.”

Kayla wrote, “You must be north of Highway 20. They are so much pickier in Fayette County.” She was right I was in Fayette County.

Luckily I only got a warning. Thankfully it was only that.

I got home about 20 minutes later driving 55 the whole way. That was annoying but I didn’t want to risk another incident.

I got home, took care of the dogs, then sat on the couch and cross-stitched. I plan to do it all again next week. Hopefully Buck will be a little more healed by then. Finger, or rather, appendages crossed!

25 thoughts on “A Little TLC”

  1. Oucheee! I wish him a speedy recovery. It is lovely that you have good youngsters to step up to help. So sweet – two dads! Lovely photos too. The old tree – yup, children love climbing and I was the bad mum for having our laurel bush chopped down. It was a monster but had great branches for climbing inside – many a time I saw little heads poking out the top of the bush. But it cut out the light and spread across the garden, so it had to go. They turned their attention to my mother-in-law’s magnolias instead – much to her annoyance!

  2. Oh my! Praying for Buck – broken ribs are nothing to mess with, unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done with them. Praying for quick and complete healing.
    Glad you and Karl were there to help and I know he appreciates it. Looks like it was a good day tho and the kids had fun.
    Love and prayers

  3. Sending fast healing prayers to Buck. I can’t imagine because no matter what you try to do it must hurt!!

    I typically try to drive about 5 over the limit. Yup – I live in Fayette County!

    The tree needs to stay until the kids outgrow it – what fun!!!

  4. Poor guy! I can only imagine how painful that is. Even breathing is excruciating. I fell down our basement stairs years ago and bruised a couple ribs. That was bad enough. Good thing he has you and Karl to help out. They take forever to heal so I hope he doesn’t try to do too much too soon.

  5. Laurie T from Texas

    What about dog food? Those bags are heavy. Sorry to hear about Buck but loved how you and Karl spung to action. Whew, about the warning and not a ticket.

    1. Wow, like you need more stuff to deal with. Wishing a speedy recovery to Buck. That warning must be for you to slow down in general. Watch your back, NO lifting for you either! So great to have family close by to pull together.

  6. Broken ribs are awful! Sorry Buck has to endure that! It will be so much easier with your help—love how your family works and plays together. ❤️

  7. Praying for a speedy recovery for Buck! What a tremendous blessing to have caring family jump in to fill the gap.

  8. My husband broke a couple of ribs a few years ago. It was awful as he was so limited in what he could do. Funny, but one little thing that really helped was a non-electric bidet seat in the bathroom that I had added. He was very grateful for it, as he had a hard time twisting/turning, bending, etc. They are inexpensive and can be added to existing toilets, no real plumbing needed. Not sure if needed/wanted in this case, but my husband was so happy with it.

  9. So sorry for Buck! So thankful for his loving family. Uncle Karl is a blessing to his nieces and nephews and what Lilly said is priceless! Buck’s plants are beautiful! I would like plants like that, but our house is too dark. His are wonderful though. I’m glad you didn’t get a ticket.

  10. In 1997 I got stopped for going 42 in a 35 in a neighboring country in rural central Ohio. The policeman came to my window, took my driver’s license and registration, went back to his car and, believe it or not, took out his lunch, and proceeded to eat it while I just sat there for 30 minutes! I then and there decided to get a radar detector, which I still use. I have never been pulled over since.

  11. Karin (Dick) Callander

    Broken anything is painful!! Ribs are right up in the top 5, for sure. You got some really good photos…have you ever thought of putting together Snapfish or Shutterfly albums or collage jigsaw puzzles? We got one from our friends of photos taken during our camping trip in the mountains with them, and another one from our daughter, of us and her family, in a tree, just like yours. We had fun getting the presents, opening them, then putting the puzzles together. Once they were all done, I Mod Podged them and framed them. They are both super quality products and we couldn’t be more pleased with these souvenirs of good times.

  12. Susan from Michigan

    I am sorry for Buck’s injury. My husband cracked a rib in a sledding incident maybe ten years ago and slept in the recliner for a couple weeks because he couldn’t get comfortable lying down. Buck’s kids are adorable!

  13. I’m so sorry about your son!! I think it’s wonderful when family are willing and able to step in and help each other out when needed. My family is very good about helping also. Hugs,

  14. Ah that’s bad. I’ve never had a broken rib but I know they are no fun! Hope he recovers well, how wonderful he has you and Karl to help. That’s what us Mums do. Have you lost weight, Jo?

  15. It’s great that you and Karl can help Buck and family out. I also love the photo of the 3 in the tree. You need to crop it some then print and frame it.

  16. Carolyn Sullivan

    you are so lucky to have your family close by to help each other out. Makes a world of Difference.
    Maybe try going no more than 7 mi over the speed limit…. it’s always worked for me Ohio is very picky about the speed laws…. also I have a Cruise control and I’m sure if I didn’t use it I would get ticketed more.

  17. I’m so sorry that Buck fell and got injured. He is lucky that you and Karl were able to help out. He is going to be in pain for awhile but he is young and healthy so lets hope he heals quickly. The picture of his kids in the tree is priceless and I think the tree stays until its no longer safe to climb. Karl is a great uncle to have, lucky for everyone.

  18. Sending healing thoughts for Buck. I can only imagine how painful that has to be.

    Four miles over the speed limit is the most I’d chance it and honestly I just set the cruise on the speed limit anymore because I usually have my daughter in the backseat and I’m not in that big of a hurry anymore. Nine miles over would probably guarantee a ticket here.

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