A Little Thrifty Help Please??

I was at the thrift store and saw these…They are embroidery kits. I had shown you one in an earlier post. I had wondered if Jazz might like to stitch and finish them for the hospital she supports in Houston. She said yes so not to long ago I went back to the thrift store and picked up everything that had. This is the haul.

They were marked at $5 each. I had contacted the lady and asked her to see them aside for me and I’d come and pick them up. When I got to the counter she casually said, “This will keep you busy.” I said no and explained Jazz’s work and all she does for the hospital and babies who come there. The lady was so impressed that she told me I could have them for half price. Perfect!!

I ended up with a few kits like this one that are a simple motif in the corner on a fleece blanket…There were three of them.

The rest were quilted with full embroidery designs…all were new in the package. One had the original price tag and showed it was $34.40. I think they are more expensive now so this was a great deal!!

For $2.50 each, that doesn’t even cover the cost of the floss!! I hope Jazz is happy with them!!

I put them in Thursday’s mail. I hope Jazz is happy with them.

While I was shopping I saw these…

They were $1 each. I looked at them… Hmm. What were they? I could easily see they were older. Hmm.

I checked them over some more…Holes in the top??

I knew I had seen some things like this that open and hold yarn. These weren’t that big…and did they open? Yes. Yes it did open.

I’m guessing some kind of string or thread went in the bottom and was fed through the top whole.

What do you think they are? Does anyone know?

For now they are sitting on this shelf…No idea what they are for sure. I’m hoping one of you might know. Please leave a comment if you know or have a guess.

That was my latest thrifting adventure. I just love going.

14 thoughts on “A Little Thrifty Help Please??”

  1. What a sweet deal you were given for all those kits. I am sure we will see them finished by Jazz. I have no idea what those two spindle things are, but I sure somebody will know and let us know.

    1. Linda Jarnecke

      Mom and dad had a set of these…they are salt and pepper shakers, but each seems to have something missing. I’m surprised at some of the answers that were given….but I’m 72 so probably older than most.

  2. You have the best thrift stores!
    Google lens showed your cute find as vintage clown salt and pepper shakers.

  3. Martha W in WY

    Jo, I found the set on etsy and ebay. It is a salt and pepper shaker set. They should have a round ball on the hat top. That ball would have the holes in it. They looked like they have a value of about $15.00.

  4. They are a vintage set of Ucagco Japan Novelty Wood Clown Head Salt and Pepper Shakers, 1950’s. They are missing the cute balls on top of their heads with the holes for the spices. Super cute set. What a wonderful find for Jazz, she will love getting the package and I look forward to seeing what she does first.

  5. brendalynne1

    as fast as anything that Jazz has worked on I am pretty sure we will be seeing photos of these projects really soon. Also, there is always more floss than the project requires so she will have some to add to her future projects.
    And how lovely of the thrift store to make the discount for you.

  6. Jazz is very happy! She’s still working on several cross stitch quilt kits Jo sent last month, but as soon as they are done you’ll see these.

  7. Linda Hodges

    That was a super deal for the kits from the thrift shop and very kind of the lady. Will be eagerly waiting to see the completed work. Good luck Jazz.

  8. Barbara Firesheets

    Great find for Jazz! Cute little wooden clowns. Looks like you’ve found the perfect spot in your shadow box for them.

  9. Using the name of Salty and Peppy from Kim in WI, I found some listings and descriptions. The balls on top did not have holes in them. They move up and down on a dowel with a stop to keep the balls from falling out. As you would shake the shaker, the stop would move to let the salt and pepper out. You could recreate this, or just glue a red ball to the white hat and a white ball to the red hat, or just leave them as they are. Great find either way!

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