A Little Thing Happened on Our Walk….

I’ve been challenging myself to get more steps in each day.  With Hubby in the field and harvest in full swing, I have more time to myself.  Rather than bemoan the situation I decided to embrace it and work on getting myself a little more healthy.

Well Tuesday Betsy was visiting and I know she likes a good walk just as much as Ruby and I do so I woke the gals from their nap and off we went.

Photo: Wake up my little beagles it's time for a walk. #beaglelove  #fitbit  #10000steps  #beagle  #betsythebeagle

Much of my walking now days is done on the back field paths.  Ruby loves off leash walking and chasing and she does pretty good with it.  We walked here and there checking out the crops and insects as we went.

By the time we got back to the yard I checked my Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker …UGH.  I didn’t have as many steps as I wanted.  I’ve been aiming for the 10,000 recommended steps…but I was short.  I decided to make a couple laps around the barn and sheds.  I can easily add steps in by doing that.  Plus I regularly walk that route in the evening if it’s getting dark.

Well Ruby decided that she smelled something that she needed to check out.  Unfortunately that smell lead her to the manure over flow pit.  When looking at the pit it looks like solid ground but once weight is put on it, the crust breaks and turns into a pool.  Well my little Ruby was about half way across when the crust broke and had to swim her way out of it.  UGH.  Take the absolute worst smell you have ever encountered and multiple by the biggest number you can think of.  You would be getting close to the awfulness of the stench.

Ruby didn’t mind or care…she just continued romping…I however started holding my breath.  It is a truly awful smell (and I’m a farm girl and have smelled bad smells lots!).

Well off to the garage for a bath we went.  UGH…it was awful.  I found the perfume filled dog soap that I typically hate and lathered her up-THREE TIMES!!  It turns out she smells pretty good now.  I however didn’t.

I ended up in the shower because when I picked her up to give her the bath…I got covered in the stench.  Oh the joys of dog walking with Ruby.

…and now, the two dogs are back on the couch sleeping again.

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  1. Good for you, getting some great walking in, not to mention the energy it takes to give a dog a bath! Our Rosey once rolled in something and she smelled so terrible. My husband hosed her off in the backyard with the garden hose, and that is cold water. We later discovered the horrific smell came from fresh possum poop!

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