A Little Swith-a-Roo

I decided that I don’t want to sew in my dining room anymore so the sewing room is now where things need to be.  I just got sick of the constant mess in the dining room.

I made those changes a few weeks ago and for the most part, have loved it.  With the move, I put my Bernina upstairs in the spare bedroom where there quilting machine is.  I brought the vintage Singer down and put that in the sewing room along with my Pfaff Grand Quilter.  When Kelli comes, she sews on the Singer.  Honestly, I sew on both machines with two different projects going at once.   Everything was good except for one thing…LIGHTING!

The lighting in the sewing room isn’t the best.  Then I realized I was missing, my Equolux light for the the sewing machine.  The light had been on the Bernina, but I wanted it on the Pfaff.  It sits back in the corner and the light is BAD.  I know I could have bought another Ecolux light but to be honest, I don’t plan to use the Bernina except for patching  jeans and filling bobbins for the quilting machine so I took a razor blade and carefully removed it.

I tried to hot glue it in place but that didn’t work.  Then I saw an advertisement for Command Strips and thought I would try to adhere the light using the strips.

It worked perfectly….I am going to keep Command Strips in mind if I have other “sticking” problems.  Now that I have more light…I am sewing away.

3 thoughts on “A Little Swith-a-Roo”

  1. Those Command Strips are great. I use the picture hanging ones to hang small wall hangings. I have one wallhanging that is a circle and put 2 strips on the back and it stays flat against the wall. As far as lasting, my quilt has been hanging there for over 2 years now and is still sticking. I have carefully “peeled” the strips apart, dusted, and replaced the quilt many times with the same strip. They are a fantastic invention.

  2. I removed my light from one machine to the next also – but I went to the site and they said to use a blow dryer to loosen the adhesive – easy to remove then.

  3. Love, love, love Command strips and hooks! All my quilts and my design wall are are hung with them. The last quilt I hung using the large decorative hooks with a decorative curtain rod. What I love most is that they’re easy to remove (and no holes in the wall) when you want to change the display.

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