A Little Sprucing Up

Hubby got a chance to start some of the outside work that will need to be done after the cement was poured for the drive way and sidewalks.  I think being Karl was home, it was easier to want to do as Karl was pretty willing to help out.

Our goal is to get all of our property to look like this along the street with part gravel and part grass and then sidewalk.  We like the look and it leaves nice parking if we have extra people at our house.


We had done that to the south of the driveway but not to the north.

When they poured the driveway the first thing they did was dig out part of the rock and put in in a pile.  It’s been sitting there since.


Hubby is a whiz with the skid loader and in no time he had created a gravel area on the side of the driveway and dirt in the rest.


Here’s Karl manning the shovel.


It doesn’t look like much now as the dirt will need to be seeded down with grass.  This is the south section…..


and this the north section…..driveway-5

We need a truck load of black dirt.  There isn’t enough there and we have to add more along the whole driveway.  It wasn’t a lot that got done but all of this needed to be done before the next truck load of dirt can come in and that has to be done before we can seed the new grass.  The clock is ticking on that and we want to seed it before the snow flies.

Just like with all of the projects that happen around here…only a little bit gets done at a time.

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